Dayna Devon to Join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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Dayna Devon is said to be a frontrunner to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, which is in the process of undergoing a shake-up by Bravo.

She's the former host of celebrity news show Extra and a star on the TLC show Plastic Wives. So she'd basically fit in perfectly with this crew.

Dayna Devon Photo

Sources indicate Taylor Armstrong may be fired after the current Season 3 and another cast member may be on the chopping block with her as well.

Dayna Devon has recently had "multiple contacts" about coming on board next season; Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart's wife, has also been rumored.

Devon's married to famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken, who also starred on Plastic Wives, so again, we don't see what the holdup is.


I used to like Dayna when she was on Extra. However, if Plastic Wives is any indication of the real Dayna , I say do not do it!!! She was loud, obnoxious and vulgar. She described her vagina in a way that would make anyone disgusted! TMI and just unnecessary. She tries way too hard.


Dayna has a fun personality and would be a great addition to the show. Taylor, Kim, and Marisa all need to go!