David Lucado: Britney Spears' New Boyfriend Revealed!

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Britney Spears' new mystery boyfriend David has been revealed:

He's David Lucado, and he looks nothing like someone who you would expect to date the a superstar ... then again Britney is not always conventional, is she?

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Originally from Appomattox, Va., he was a great student and avid golfer. He moved to Atlanta after high school, then later to L.A. because of a girl. Gasp.

That relationship ended a few months ago, though, so David's totally single. Or was, before he started maybe kind of totally dating Britney Spears this winter.

According to those who know him, David is a well-liked, all-around, fun-loving guy ... a good catch for most people, to be sure. But ... it's Britney Spears!

This isn't to say he's not in her league, just that he's the opposite of Hollywood. Humble, soft-spoken, down-to-earth. Maybe that's just what she needs now.

Despite spending a lot of time together lately, David insists he and Brit are still just friends. Their romantic Valentine's Day dinner says otherwise.

HE PAID, people. David Lucado paid.

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We wish the couple the best, obviously, and want Britney to be happy and content above all else. Congrats Dave, and good luck. You're going to need it!

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Brit, you are a strong, smart, talented woman and you hold the'power'....therefore, whatever you decide is your right.
You're a great mother and ake the best decisions for your happiness and your boys. To hell with the rest.


he look corny and lame she wont fuck with em long. she gone make em wear a condom too like all women do to guys they don't really like! she definitely blessed him.


Unnecessary to end the article with "You're gonna need it!" Ignorance.

@ Tripp

I agree,dumb comment.Your going to need it???


Ugly Face of Hell! Prefer Jason Trawick Millions of times more cat!


hey brittney hes so ugly


He may be the guy who has the qualities she wants.


he looks like a nice person