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We have breaking morning show news, folks, but this time it does not have anything to do with Matt Lauer.

CNN viewers will no longer be waking up to Soledad O’Brien, as the anchor announced yesterday her departure from Starting Point in order to partner with the network on a series of documentaries.

She is forming Starfish Media Group to do so.

David Joyner Photo

“We greatly value Soledad’s experience, and her first-rate storytelling will continue to be an asset to CNN,” said new president Jeff Zucker. “Documentaries and longform storytelling are important to our brand, and we’re anticipating more of what we’ve come to expect from her — riveting content.”

O’Brien says this is an opportunity to “focus on the next stage of my career,” while The New York Times reports she’ll exit mornings some time this spring.

Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett are expected to take over as morning hosts of a new show in April.