Mom Shoots Intruder 5 Times, Saves Children

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Score one for the NRA?


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    Hooray for this courageous mom. Take that all you stupid fucking gun control idiots! None of you care that, had this woman been unable to arm herself because of morons that want to take guns away from law abiding citizens, she and her kids would have been robbed, raped, killed, or possibly all of the above. We ought to hear more stories like this. There is an old saying that "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." If that POS in the White House gets his way, then our future ability to defend ourselves goes right down the toilet - where he (and every gun control advocate in this country) belongs.


    If in military service you mean the ability to protect ourselves from our own government if need be. That is actually what the 2nd amendment was set in place for. So if we were ever to be put in a position where the government abused their power over the people, the people would be able to defend themselves against it. Now of course they were not talking about the extensive technologies we have now, because there was none. Rest assure that those would also apply if they had. How else would we be able to protect ourselves from such things, or are we to be sheep lead only by the name of American anymore? The 2nd amendment was for citizens protection, not against foreign oppression, but our own. Don't chastise a foreigner unless you yourself truly understand what our Constitution is about. Arrogance at America's finest. Half truths based on unresearched second hand facts.


    The ameriCAN society is so bad, that's the reason GOD decided to destroy it, it doesn't work.
    Few years ago the 10 Commandments were removed from various city councils around the nations, with what do you think if fill the empty place instead of 10 Commandments? With the devil's presence for when is not devil is GOD and when is devil is not GOD, that's the way it works but you got to be patient and to learn not to say as I heard many times : "I read the Bible 5 times", I am telling you most of the time dose bad than good for the person take what he wants rather to learn ACADEMICALLY from qualified people, people has wrong personality if it is not with GOD the Creator.


    Mom's a hero. Too bad she didn't kill the SOB.


    There is nothing wrong with having a handgun or other for personal protection. I personally would never have one in my home but I'm Canadian and from a small town lol. The biggest worry we have here is running out of milk at the grocrey store haha, the problem with some Americans is that they don't seem to understand there is a difference between self protection from an intruder and having ten assault rifles hanging around in the closet "just incase" they aren't called "self protection rifles". Then you get some maniac going on about the second amendment, when they don't know the other amendments other than "yeeeeeeera freedum of speech yeeeeera America!" when the second amendment was written, I'm sure they aren't talking about rapid fire large magazine high caliber weaponry considering they had swords, knives, flint locks and muskets for self protection. Get it togeather America!

    @ Lindsay

    They aren't called assault rifles either, those have been illegal and highly regulated in the US since before most of us were born.

    Since you are Canadian I will forgive your lack of knowledge with regard to our Constitution. The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting or even personal protection. Go read it and the writings of the founding fathers. The intent was clearly to give the average citizen access to arms that could realistically be used in military service. While that has a limit, such as automatic weapons, tanks, explosives, and such it doesn't wasn't strictly even about guns and certainly had nothing to do with flint-lock or just whatever was common at the time. The Supreme Court has already upheld this fact and it's actually very clear for anyone that's educated.

    I don't see a problem with some controls and background checks for things like high-capacity magazines and certain semi-auto rifles. That's probably a good thing and something I've wanted for years. The problem is that as soon as they start banning weapons these people won't stop until they are all gone. They know they can't do it all at once but they want to keep the common man from owning a firearm, meanwhile they are protected by armed security.

    @ Roger

    If in military service you mean the ability to protect ourselves from our own government if need be. That is actually what the 2nd amendment was for. So if we were ever to be put in a position where the government abused their power over the people, the people would be able to defend themselves against


    I am still thinking why did she kill an "Introducer?"

    @ rabbytus

    Exactly! I think the biggest concern here is that the morons who write this blog don't know the difference between intruder and "introducer".


    i would do it too for the kids


    Hopefully the criminal died. Good for the woman, she saved herself and her family, and if the rodent dies, she saved taxpayer's money, avoiding a trial and free room, board, and medical for the piece of garbage, in prison. I just hope the criminal wasn't black, and the victim white, because then Jesse and Al would come from under theirs rocks, like they did in Florida.

    @ allsaints45

    AMEN allsaints45! Trayvon Martin was a punk and a thug who they have portrayed as a victim to destroy George Zimmerman and draw attention to themselves. I hate those two pigs (Sharpton and Jackson) almost as much as the idiot in the White House. They care as much about their own people as the KKK do. And they abuse any opportunity to further their own political agenda and cause racial tensions in this country. Disgusting.

    @ allsaints45

    That's not funny, if that's what you took out of the Travon Martin killing you are as much of a criminal as the man she shot.

    @ Rita Ora Rihanna

    Rita - You should shut your mouth while you're ahead you imbecile. Let me quess . . . you voted for Obama and you live off some type of government entitlement program?


    Thats what i'm talking about!!!


    Score one for the NRA? How about score one for the constitution of these United States of America.

    @ Rex Monaco

    No, one for a mother protecting her home and family. This is what the rights to bare arms mean. Not taking a gun outside the home and innocent bystanders being killed in random acts of violence. Gang violence, kids taking guns to school, disgruntled employees, abusive spouses, should I go on. How often do you hear stories like this? And how often do we her the other kind? I'm happy she was able to defend her kids.

    @ kimaras31

    That is part of the problem. The types of incidents you mentioned DO make the news, but the literally 10s of thousands of times when a law abiding person either displays a gun or has to fire their gun to stop a criminal NEVER get the same air time. There are many many more times when a gun is used for protection than for the incidnets you list. Responsible armed citizens rarely shoot "innocent bystanders," however, the police do. Se the incident recently in New York where the police were shooting at a criminal and hit 9 bystanders

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