Lindsay Lohan: Drunk, Sobbing, Freaked Out By Sex Scenes, Unstable on Set of The Canyons

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Lindsay Lohan was a complete mess on the set of The Canyons over the summer - even by her standards - according to a writer embedded in the indie production.

Stephen Rodrick, who says he was allowed to chronicle the project, says he saw a seemingly drunk LiLo get in her car and drive off set after a boozing session.

What a Mess. What. A. Mess.

According to Rodrick, Lohan was out of control, acting like an utter disaster and initially fired from The Canyons after blowing off two days of filming.

Rodrick says Lohan showed up outside the director's hotel room, pounding on the door, hysterically crying and begging for her job back - for 90 MINUTES.

Eventually, she was hired back ... but things only got worse.

Lohan began constantly criticizing producers and her co-stars, and got drunk before shooting a scene in which she would be simulating a four-way sex scene.

After the scene, which featured real-life porn stars, producers offered Lindsay a hired car to drive her home ... but she refused and drove off in her Porsche.

According to Rodrick, whose report was publicized by TMZ this afternoon, producers "all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning."

In the article, Rodrick says Lindsay Lohan freaked about another sex scene in which she was supposed to get naked ... and locked herself in a closet.

Rodrick says the director had to beg her to do the scene and even stripped naked himself and had the crew do the same to show her it was no big deal.

The gimmick worked, and Lohan filmed the 14-minute sex scene.

Unfortunately, the hits just kept on coming, however. Lindsay partied with Lady Gaga one night until 5:30 a.m., when she had a 6:00 a.m. call time.

She showed up at 9 a.m., but left soon after a doctor said she was too sick to film. Somehow, the film got made ... and looks like the worst movie ever:


It seems Lindsay's so called friend Lady Ga Ga is bent on Lindsay's destruction,
If she knew that Lindsay had a film obligation at 6am then why keep her friend up all night partyin, couldnt it wait till a better night. Friends help friends achieve and suceed in life, perhaps friend is too strong a word to describe their relationship, at least on that night. Lindsay is just to trusting of others, assumes true friendship to easily, doesnt value herself for the friend she is to alot of people.She gives of herself and her heart and rarely receives it in return, this is just another example of this in her life to me.
To me Lady Ga Ga seems like a trustworthy person, and is a grest pianist too. To become an accomplished pianist takes dedication and patience and that's what Lindaay Lohan needs from a true freind, why not u Lady Ga Ga.
Please care about her while theirs still time to make a difference and she doesnt get all jaded and full of mistrust in her heart. Why not u Lady Ga Ga


Someone really needs to intercede and help this mess out.


You need just two words to describe Lindsay Lohan: high maintenance.


That's her true behavior and she will probably act that way for the rest of her life.


Get rid of her already. She will never change and she is nothing but trouble. I use to like her when she was younger, but she is not a good actress or role model anymore.

@ Nikki

Indeed, Lindsay Lohan will never be the same, clean girl she was again. She is who she is. We can either accept or reject her.


It's no secret that she's been leading a wild and troubled life although obviously she's given the benefit of the doubt and tons of chances to redeem herself. No one is perfect nor can anyone pass judgement based on rumors/reports. Hopefully like so many others she will turn her life around.


it surprises me that americans are still willing to pay for her to see her.

@ herb

Herb...late last night, I was pretty much thinking the same thing. LOL!!!!!


Between her shenanigans on set and her horrible acting, as seen in Liz and Dick, how does she continue to get jobs???


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