Justin Bieber Spends Time with Cancer Patient in Utah

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Justin Bieber pot controversy? What Justin Bieber pot controversy?!?

The singer focused on what really matters yesterday prior to a concert in Salt Lake City, spending time with Millie Flamm, a seven-year old cancer patient at Primary Children's Medical Center.

"Look at this bundle of joy," Justin wrote as a caption to the following Instagram photo. "I love her."

Justin Bieber, Cancer Patient

Millie's mother told The Deseret News that Bieber was "so sweet" to the child. "He walked in and her whole face just lit up."

Bieber also sang a song to Millie and gave her both a kiss on the cheek and his guitar pick before leaving.

This is not the first time Bieber has visited a cancer patient in the hospital.

He made the dreams of a four-year old named Hailey Roser come true in October; and also grew famously close to Avalanna Routh, a six-year old dubbed "Mrs. Bieber" who passed away in September.


So people think that he is just visiting this little girl because he got caught smoking pot? Where have you guys been the last few years? He is constantly visiting sick kids in hospitals and doing good for communities and what not. And this may not be "dated" in this article, but it was just last week when it happened, he visited the little girl right before his concert.


Leave the dude alone. So he smokes weed it's not that big of a deal foreal. Half of the fuckin US smokes pot


You fucked and know you need to do damage control, the way you decide to do it is by bringing a sick child into it. Job well done. You will never amount to my generation Justin T. Bye Nonbeliber log out. Your time is about to be done. Can't wait.


Good they can share a joint.


So no dates for the visit? He gets busted for pot and doesn't deny it. Now they are showing undated puff pieces? We arent' stupid but I guess some people are.

Eric willard

People take note, no date of Beiber visiting the child. He just got busted for pot and they are doing puff pieces that aren't dated on purpose. Pretty sad.


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