Casey Anthony Photo: Relaxing on the Beach, Looking For Closure

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Casey Anthony has largely remained in hiding since being released from jail in August 2011, but found some time to reflect on the beach recently.

In a rare interview with CBS 5 AZ, Anthony said her recent bankruptcy filing is another step toward closure, and “the key for me to move forward.”

Casey Anthony Beach Photo

In one photo, Casey is seen sitting in a lounge chair in a tank top on a Florida beach reading a book; others show her celebrating with her legal team.

“She needs closure in this matter in order to move on with life,” her civil attorney Charles Greene told the site on behalf of his controversial client.

Casey recently had two of her four convictions thrown out for lying to authorities during the investigation into the disappearance of daughter Caylee.

She still faces a lawsuit from Zenaida Gonzalez for defamation; Casey originally claimed that a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped Caylee.

“These are the things holding me back,” Casey said.

Casey Anthony Quote

“Casey hoped the (Zenaida Gonzalez) civil case would be over in January,” Greene said. “This has been an ongoing battle for close to five years."

"Emotionally and physically, she can’t go on for another year."

"She needs a clean slate from a financial perspective.”

Clean slate or not, the bankrupt Casey Anthony is about $800,000 in the hole and pretty much unable to make money, so, good luck with that.


like she can read....


It irritates me that one "trusted" news source can throw out a couple of pics and call it a "new story", but it infuriates me that so many other agencies leach onto it without even checking the source. Neither of the two photos shown this week were taken in Cape Canaveral. The photo of Casey and her defense team was taken in Orlando last Aug 2012 at a party celebrating the end of her probation. The "beach" photo? Definitely NOT taken in Cape Canaveral. It more looks like she was on a lake at someone's private home. Here in CC, we live on the Atlantic Ocean and there is always wave/surf action in the background. I live in Ocean Woods, and yes I saw Casey a few times between Nov and early January, but I think she's left. No one here has seen her for almost three weeks now.


Yeah, that sure looks like a pic of a grieving Mom, don't it? (sarcasm) This CONVICTED FELON, SKANK, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, POND SCUM, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY filing bankruptcy is for the main reason of avoiding paying anyone in the civil suits. What a POS, and I don't believe her sleazy lawyer Greene saying there are no plans to write a book or interview. I think that is another reason why she filed bankruptcy. Everyone just needs to don't let their guard down and boycott all things Anthony and Anthony related. Don't let this Momster and her lying, dysfunctional family benefit off the murder of 2 year old Caylee.


I just always hope that karma comes her way soon. She doesn't deserve freedom or peace.


Being that a murderer has never been proven guilty in this case you would think that she would want to find the killer of her little baby girl? Unfortunately, she does that every time she looks in the mirror.