Shanelle Workman Grilled in Ariel Winter Deposition

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Shanelle Workman has been deposed regarding the custody of her sister, Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

Shanelle, who also goes by Shanelle Gray, was grilled by their mother Chrystal Workman's attorneys. 

Ariel's present guardian, Shanelle was asked about any history of drug use and trouble with the law. 

Shanelle Workman Photo

It turns out her deposition revealed a few minor infractions.

According to documents, Shanelle said she only tried cocaine once back in 2005 or 2006 and had a bad reaction that sent her to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

She also received a DUI around the same time, but the ticket was thrown out in court because her blood alcohol level was so low. Shanelle spent a few days in jail when she was 19 regarding a reckless driving incident.

Chrystal Workman plans to use all of this information in the custody hearing for Ariel Winter, but Chrystal doesn't exactly have a clear history herself.

If Chrystal's plan is to show that Shanelle isn't a good role model, she should take a look at her own record. 

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