Rhonda Lee Fired For Defending Hair on Facebook, Meteorologist's Fans Lash Out

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Louisiana meteorologist Rhonda Lee defended her short hair after being insulted on Facebook, only to be fired ... and receive a groundswell of support online.

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    how dare thay fire you instead thay should help to get the people sayin you are ray of sunshine with smile like yours ;-)


    What's really sad is that those knuckleheads haven't heard of 1st amendment. I don't agree with their policy and she was fired for exercising her free speech via interweb. F*ck that. If you was working at a retail store and some guy attacked you, would you fight back or not fight back but get your ass kicked instead (risking your life) because some stupid policy says you can't touch the customer? Yeah, thats what I thought. It's time to start using Common Sense. Sometimes you have to do things even if it goes against the company's policy.

    @ Travis Rashawn Ford

    Whe you work for a company they have the say in you future. If you work independently you can do whatever you want. What if a company says no guns on their grounds and you forget you left it in your car and you get fired? Should I be mad at my company for firing for something I know I made the mistake? If you don't like working for a company and being ridiculed by the public then perhaps you should start your own business. She should of went to her boss or HR and said something about the comment not taking the matter into her own hands.


    Must we accept to be ridiculed by the public then pretend it is okay and continue to work for a company that says do not response to the public view {INSULTS} Rhonda deserves better then that,she MUST be reinstated without a disciplinary hearing


    an email that states "it's best not to respond at all" doesn't sound like a serious company policy to me. And her reply was in no way condescending or rude or hurtful. Simply to the point and polite. To be fired over such a tiny offense seems very suspicious. What other motives for her termination are the employers hiding?


    She made a comment against company policy and lost her job for it. It's pretty plain and simple. If she did not know the company policy than that's her fault, arrogance is not an excuse.

    @ Mike Adams

    Man forget the policy. If someone came to your job and said some really nasty stuff about you, you probably would've done the same thing. Don't be ignorant. She did the right thing.

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    I was just contacted today by the Editor-in-Chief Jack Hambrick of DigitalTexan.net who wanted to interview me about the alleged comments I made regarding the racist and bigoted comments made by a Mr. Emmitt Vascocu. Mr. Hambrick asked me if I was aware of the fact that Emmitt Vascocu was suffering from mental illness and dementia. He stated I should be ashamed of myself and why would I make these alleged comments to someone with the mental capacity of a 3 year old. I looked at Emmitt's facebook page and found an interesting comment he made regarding refinancing his mortgage and the math involved that might raise his taxes and the particular credits he was worried about losing; this was a very lucid and detailed comment well above the so called capacity of a three year old. I did mention to Mr. Hambrick that when a person posts something on a public forum he or she should be prepared for any backlash that may be dealt out. For myself, if I had a relative with the symptoms that were described by Mr. Hambrick I would be sure to monitor their internet use. No telling how much personal information could be accidentally given out by a person suffering from the mental defects that Mr. Hambrick claimed Emmitt Vascocu was suffering from. I am very curious to see the result Mr. Hambrick thinks he will obtain by contacting every person who made justifiable comments in response to the racist statement made by Emmitt Vascocu. If as Mr. Hambrick claims Emmitt is suffering from mental illness then he should be monitored and have his comments reviewed prior to posting them in such a public manner. I would never knowingly attack someone with any type of illness or disability; however that information was never included as a footnote to Mr. Vascocu’s comments.

    @ Guest

    Yeah, you really should be ashamed of yourself. It's people like you we have prejudice in our world. If you're still feeling ashamed, good for you. I hope this haunts you till the day you die. Shame on you.

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    The actions of KTBS-Shreveport (an affiliate of ABC) are appalling! It is ridiculous that Ms. Lee’s comments would cause her termination. This kind of discrimination is not right. KTBS's policy is couched in the belief that a slightly different aesthetic viewpoint will harm the socio-economic growth of the station and viewing community. It’s a “Stepford wife” mindset driving an organizational culture that is backwards and demeaning. Both Shreveport and ABC should distance themselves from KTBS and their policy.


    alway's pusing the limit.,.......

    @ baja

    and someone needs to push you> I nominate ME!!!!

    @ RON JAY

    where is the "h" deep guy?

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