NYC Subway Killer at Large After Pushing Man to His Death

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NYPD officers are searching for a man who allegedly pushed another man to his death in front of a subway train in Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

Ki-Suck Han, 58, of Elmhurst, Queens, was shoved in front of a southbound R train at the 49th Street station at around 12:30 p.m., according to NBC New York.

He was later pronounced dead at St. Luke's Hospital.

Witnesses said the suspect (pictured above) was mumbling to himself before getting into an argument with Han on the platform and shoving him onto the tracks.

After falling, Han tried to climb back up on the platform but was struck by the train before he could make it to safety and never recovered from the impact.

One witness videotaped part of the verbal altercation (above) and turned the tape over to police, which released it in an effort to identify the suspect.

It's unclear what triggered the dispute, but the suspect was clearly heated about something and exchanged pointed words with the late Ki-Suck Han.

The man was last seen wearing a dark jacket, a gray T-shirt and a cap. He is pictured below. If you have any information, please contact NYC police.

NYC Subway Killer Suspect
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If only "America's Most Wanted" would return on Lifetime TV, then maybe some viewer can identify that black thug.


Just think, the black guy who murdered the elderly Asian man, could've been Obama's son. Remember when the young thug, Trayvon Martin, tried to beat George Zimmerman to death and was shot in self defense, Obama, " Trayvon could've been my son," Our inept, race baiting, President.

@ allsaints45

you have alot of racial issues, maybe you should remind yourself how America began, with immigrants from outside of what is now America, how the Native American Indians were here, etc,etc,. As far as with the Trayvon Martin case is, i wasn't there, not sure if you were there, however, in the 911 call that George Z. made, he said that he ( Georege) is on foot FOLLOWING Trayvon. He (George) was told to stay in vehicle, but did not. Now if you have someone following you, wouldn't you be concerned for your safety? If the Follower approached or attacked you, wouldn't you fight to DEFEND yourself? was George afraid that he would be attacked by skittles and a can of Tea? no, george was armed and ready to go trigger happy. Oh, and Trayvon didn't "try to beat George to death" as you said, didn't you see the police photos of him, he had a couple of scratches, and bruises that were nowhere near life-threatening. Have a great day, i know i wil.


what kind of scumbag video tapes the incident, the guy stood there with a camera and let it happen.

@ Michalya

Who would videotape it? Pretty much everybody under the age of 25 with a cell phone. Happens every day.

@ Just Saying

Whoever watched, videotaped, and did nothing to save the victim will be held responsible sooner or later.

@ Michalya

I'm pretty sure whoever video taped it never expected something horrible to happen. Plus, they could be arguing on something personal, therefore discouraging the person more. Yes, the best thing to do had been to step in. But now that it has already happened, I'd thank the individual for his/her quick thinking.