LeAnn Rimes on Eddie Cibrian Affair: I Should've Handled it Differently

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LeAnn Rimes doesn't regret having an affair with Brandi Glanville's then-husband Eddie Cibrian, who she went on to marry, but would change the way she handled it.

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    If LeAnn R. Was a real woman then she won't of mess with a other LADY's husband and LeAnn can joke ya right that right their shows you what world she lives on. The Botton line is LeAnn R. is a homewrecker .


    Unfortuntely today, many married women
    Are looking for love outside their marriages,
    I know first hand because I am a psychic
    And read their cards for many many years.
    Some take the advice, while others follow the path to destruction .


    it´s only a stupid man that puts his wife and kids through shame. he is a dissapointment to a familyhood. why not let ur wife know u dont love her anymore b4 moving on to another woman? what a dog


    so beautiful pic hru


    Let's just move on, y'all !
    If they are just like you and me, the ordinary folks then people will just say, who cares !
    LeAnn and Eddie are married and she has a wonderful relationship with the boys and Brandi is sure going to be famous with tons of money being on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Everybody's happy and it's time to MOVE ON !!!


    Been there, done that - and I understand. When in the grips of either a "heat" wave or a sudden soulmate, one doesn't always make the wisest of decisions. With one, the person is making decisions with their heart, and with the other, their private parts, both instead of their head.


    Leanne Rimes is apparently an extremely dysfunctional individual .... due in no small part to her own family background -- especially her father's own flagrant adultery. And make NO mistake about THIS -- the men she has married are/were attracted to her ONLY because SHE has fully SUPPORTED THEM FINANCIALLY. Yeah .... they do have careers of their own -- but SHE pays the bills, folks! That particular financial arrangement was so apparent with her FIRST husband. And one only needs to look at Brandi Granville .... and THEN at Leanne Rimes -- to SEE that it is NO STRETCH to believe that Cibrian was having to support the very attractive Glanville .... but then "opted out" of that marriage to be with a wealthy, less-attractive woman who was willing to support HIM. Every relationship has one as the giver/lover .... and the other one as the taker/beloved. Very rarely are relationships "balanced". So given her relationship "track record" .... it's just obvious here which "role" Rimes plays .... and that Cibrian fulfills the other one. If Rimes went broke tomorrow .... Cibrian would most likely leave her faster than one could say "GIGOLO"!!!


    I feel sorry for all of them....including the kids. Having an affair is not so black and white. Many, many, many people are miserable in their marriages and CAN'T get out right away immediately. The heart doesn't know anything about alimony, custody arrangements etc...

    At least Eddie and Leann followed through with getting married. So clearly it wasn't for the thrill of the chase. Maybe Brandi was very nasty to Eddie. We don't know. So don't judge. Leann needs to stop beating herself up about it and not give a HOOT what the public thinks.

    I believe the people who are horrid to her are people who are insecure in their own marriages. They don't want their spouses leaving them. A great thing to strive for, but life is not so cut and dry. Blessings to all involved. Just get on with your new lives and stop dwelling on it!!!


    To even think about the feelings of others involved at all says an awful lot to me. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with all sorts of cancer last year and all that her husband could do was jump in bed with someone who did not give a flying flip about the impact that doing such a thing would have on my cousin who sadly passed away on the Monday before Thanksgiving, may she haunt the little word that I can't say!!!

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)


    stop your blubbering leann. if it's too hot get out of the kitchen! you are in the wrong business--althought this garbage can happen anywhere.....

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