Kendra Wilkinson: Baby #2 on the Way in 2013!

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Unlike many others, Kendra Wilkinson isn't hoping to shed any weight in the new year.


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    This article is not credible because the author didn't even take the time to check the correct birthdate of Hank Jr. It is Dec of 09. Wow....they were way off so. And I don't even like Kendra and I knew that. jeez


    I wonder how many copies of Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape were spread?!
    Check it out here: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape (full version)

    I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
    Have fun


    "Our resolution is to definitely have baby number two. Maybe another boy. We're used to those already." Like they can choose the gender!! What a MORON!!!!


    What a pig, she better get it now because she won't be around long unless she comes out as leisban, that's the new Hollywood thing now. Hollywood is a rich losers club.


    Who gives a crap about this skummy looking ordinary tuna fish looking country bumpkin.....get her off tv, whats her talent? Nothing


    Im a girl myself and i even say that is acceptable i wouldnt expect some one with 2 kids to look lilke that. personally if all woman turn out that way then they should have children but now when women have babies they turn into something very different. Congrats.......Kendra

    @ @AwkwardMoments

    1] She has one kid not two
    2) She looks like shit, Look at the picture above... That's a 27 year old.. 27... bitch looks 40.
    3) Shes a skank Ho smashing out keeper babies, she was a shit (fugly) bunny and is now just a general leech, at least she's got some mug to leech from and it is not society that is paying this sluts way.

    @ NothingAwkwardAboutIt

    @NothingAwkwardAboutIt -- Get with the program. She's got one kid. She's a TOTALLY absentee mother. Hank and the hired nany are the mothers in that family. Kendra's a partier, a lesbian (no offense to lesbians) and a fame whore. If you think those qualities a good mother make, well, we can't help you.

    @ NothingAwkwardAboutIt

    Well, shoot, who you tellin?!!! SHE SERIOUSLY LOOKS 40!! Poor goodness, I used to watch her on tv here and there, but I don't remember her looking that ragged just a few years ago!! I wonder if she partied alot and smoked and drank heavily....prob a frequent tanner too...that's unfortunate...tsk tsk tsk

    @ @AwkwardMoments

    WTF are you rambling on and on about??? Kendra is a mother of one, not two.

    @ Jesse

    I cannot Stand the HO!

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