The X Factor Results: Fowl Play?

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We are down to eight contestants on The X Factor.

The Fox competition scoffed in the face of family and football tonight, airing a results show that ended with two more acts being cut and the team of Britney Spears suffering mightily as a result.

First up immediately? Arin Ray got the axe as the contestant with the lowest number of overall votes.

"I think you should just take this as a learning experience," Britney coldly told her charge after the announcement.

From there, following a performance by Cher Lloyd, the identity of the bottom two was revealed. Beatice Miller and CeCe Frey.

The former went with Dido and the latter Kelly Clarkson (above) for their respective survival songs, as only Spears sided with Miller, making Beatrice Miller the second singer eliminated on the evening.

So we're down to eight, with Carly Rose Sonenclar the new overall votes leader. Do you agree with that result?

And are the proper eight moving on?


I’m not too happy with the latest results on The X Factor. I honestly think Beatrice Miller deserved to stay and she shouldn’t have been eliminated. I watch nothing but primetime when I’m not working and I get all my events like The X Factor recorded nightly. I’m able to do this using the awesome PrimeTime Anytime feature, which records the four major networks in my DISH Hopper DVR. I didn’t know about this feature until my coworker at DISH told me how it would fix all the timer conflicts I experience. I work at night and I depend on my DVRs to record my primetime shows. This puts an end to all the DVRs constantly being tied up in the evenings and lets the kids watch some other shows too. I also like the fact I can watch all my shows on any TV in my home.


Am I missing something here? Why are you guys spelling 'foul', 'fowl' as in, a bird?

@ Elisya

Because it was thanksgiving. Thanksgiving=turkey=fowl


I wish Simon would have chosen CeCe to go home so I would have depended on the actual votes. CeCe had been in the bottom two before and she often has pitch problems. I think Beatrice has more potential.