The Voice Top 12: Who Will Win it All?

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The Voice results included a few surprises, but by and large, the 12 stars who survived after the week's 20 performances are the cream of the crop.

Their collective talent begs the question ... how the heck is America supposed to choose between some of these dynamic singers in the weeks to come?

We can't wait to find out starting Monday. For now, re-watch the performances by the Top 12 and tell us, as it stands right now: Who should win The Voice!

Team Adam: Amanda Brown (above), Bryan Keith and Melanie Martinez ...

Team Blake: Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope and Michaela Paige ...

Team Cee Lo: Trevin Hunte, Nicholas David and Cody Belew ...

Team Christina: Dez Duron, Sylvia Yacoub and Adriana Louise ...

Who will win The Voice Season 3?


Though Adam pretended not to know Cassadee Pope during this season’s Blind Auditions, I’m sure they knew each other prior to the show. I find it shady how Adam asked Cassadee to clarify her name. James Valentine, the lead bass player for Maroon 5, is dating Ali Tamposi who is Cassadee’s roommate. At her blind audition, Ali was there on camera with Cassadee’s friends and family. Given this connection, it’s obvious that from the get go Cassadee had an unfair advantage. She’s obviously talented so I won’t take that away from her. With Blake and Adam’s close friendship, I question if Blake was aware of Cassadee and Adam’s connection prior to this season. If so, it’s certainly possible that the plan all along was for Blake to turn his chair and for Cassadee to choose him. With her genre of music, Blake is not the obvious choice. If she chose Adam, that could be a definite nightmare for the show if this connection became known. Obviously, during the Live Rounds where a contestant's fate is determined by fan votes, there are no guarantees. But, would Cassadee have gotten this far in the competition without Adam’s possible help? Adam even provided some lame negative feedback on Cassadee’s first live performance to make it look like he was not being bias. I just wonder if someone more talented lost out due to this unfair advantage.


the winners will be the losers in the end.