Nicki Minaj Blames Walmart and Target for Weak Album Sales

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Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up features many songs already included on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, the album Nicki Minaj released in April.

But this singer doesn't cite that doubling up as the reason her latest EP is faring so poorly. So, where does Minaj place the blame?

Nicki Minaj Pink Hair

On the shoulders of two retail giants.

“It is hard to get the album because the stores basically said that the last few re-releases they had put out did not do well and they didn’t want to take a chance,” the new American Idol judge told New York's 105.1 this weekend.

”So, Target and Walmart is not selling the album. Target is actually my biggest retailer - they’ve always been my biggest retailer. They’ve sold the most Nicki Minaj albums ever, so, thank you, Target. But I wish you could’ve sold this one.”

Minaj also says Best Buy only "took limited [quantities]" of the new release, adding in a defensive manner:

“So it’s very difficult and it kind of sets you up to fail" because fans “have been driving hours – literally hours! — to get one CD. But it is what it is, and I appreciate the support, and I’m excited about the music.”


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Well she sucks, her music sucks, her standards suck, and if dumb tards like Patricia are endless so no wonder she even became this famous :P
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Joanne thomas

Nicki we will not support your music after your comments about our President I guess you thought Mitt and the GOP was gonna buy that garbage, you sold out your race for nothing ha the laughs on you


don't be a naive cunt.
.....IT'S JUST HER TOTAL ATTITUDE, folks. (she sucks)

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Um Nicki that still doesn't explain why your album was digitally nonexistent on itunes and Amazon. Maybe people dont wanna buy your album because your music sucks and you basically re-released the same crap over again doll.

@ TheTruth

shut up with that s***. you just mad cuz you don't see nobody askin for your autograph

@ patricia

*you're FTFY Also, watch your double negatives. Aside from your comments and overall way of communicating, it makes you look dumb.


Could it be that your music, like your culture, have no value?

@ Name

Firstly I am a Trinidadian and grew up there and this is not how we behave she is from Brooklyn or somewhere in NY and has clearly adopted the American culture we are artistic and expressive just like everyone else....the multiple personalities I don't get its just weird and if you pulled that crap in trinidad you will get your backside thrown in the mad house so it's quite different I am simply defending fellow trinidadians especially our youth who will be judged by this young lady's standards ...thanks

@ Nirmala

Nirmala, I love the trinidadian people and would never judge an entire people based on just one, besides trini women are some of the sexiest women in the no worries no one thinks of nm and thinks that shes trini they know shes from guyana :p....

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