Khloe Kardashian as X Factor Host: Grade Her!

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You've seen the Teens in action. And the Young Adults.

You've watched the Groups perform and judged the over-25 crowd.

But Khloe Kardashian also made her debut as The X Factor host last night, looking every bit as boring and awkward as we imagined she would be.

With the exception of her much buzzed-about nipples, that is.

The X Factor Hosts

Did you tune in? What did you think of Kardashian on stage? Grade her as a host now:


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Khloe is awful, can't look at her stuffed into dresses too small and way too short. Get her off the show


Her "style" reminds me of the horrible teleprompter chatter that presenters do during award shows. Having cameras follow around your family doesn't mean you have any talent. Quit forcing this disgusting person on the public.


her clothes are to tight...she cant stand up without leaning on someone.....her hair is always in her face....maybe weight watches would be interested in hiring her..get her off the show


Omg I have to DVR X Factor to avoid watching Khloe she's horrible!! Her and Mario do not click on stage. What were you thinking Simon????


She is too fat for those outfits, the blue leather dress looked like an over stuffed condom. She has no personality, she is a try hard wanna be. She poses, is clingy and there are people with talent that could do more then either of of those idiots!


Thankful that I DVR the show...I just skip every time Khloe appears.


Bring back Steve Jones. He was horrible, so that tells you where Khloe ranks...


I stopped watching X-Factor as a result of her.

Lynda 1
@ Me

too bad !negative energy


Khloe is still horrible and annoying. Why do we need two hosts anyway?? Please don't bring her back next season, wish you could end her gig now! She is really ruining the show

Lynda 1
@ Judith Ann

jealousy really a sin get a life


She is the worst host on tv!!! Get rid of her! Makes me want to stop watching the show!

Lynda 1
@ Jen

stop watching she has a role and it was given to her ,ur soul is full of jealousy go for confession

@ lynda

@lynda - you are either extremely immature, mentally ill, or on the Kardashian's payroll. You can dislike a celebrity without being jealous of them. Why in the world would anyone be jealous of a talentless, obnoxious, unattractive woman who embarrasses herself in front of millions of people on a weekly basis.

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Khloe Kardashian

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