John McAfee, Billionaire Antivirus Inventor, Wanted for Murder in Belize

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John McAfee, the inventor of antivirus programs who sold his software to Intel in 2010 for $7 billion, is the prime suspect in the murder of an American expatriate named Gregory Faull.


Police in Belize tell that Faull was shot dead on Saturday at his home in San Pedro Town. He was found lying "in a pool of blood" by his house keeper and there was no sign of forced entry.

Details are still coming in, but sources there had been a history of contention between McAfee and Faull, with the latter recently filingĀ  a formal complaint with the local Mayor's office that cited McAfee's "roguish behavior."

San Pedro police have not established a motive beyond these arguments, but they make it clear in a statement that McAfee is "on the run from murder charges."

The software guru has been residing in Belize for several years.


Ha believe it or not I knew him personally. My dad taught him kung fu and worked at his mansion in colorado, so did my sister. He is really weird and creepy. So I can see him killing someone. He is weird guy.


as a billionaire he wished for more excitement in his life!!


Another sign of the times when YET AGAIN someone w/tons of money is charged w/a crime against a state/country (or what is known as a capital felony here in the US) & gets away from the law.... Sad how we, the common folk, will probably have to foot the legal bill w/our tax dollars =(

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