Happy 40th Birthday, Jenny McCarthy!

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The age-defying Jenny McCarthy is 40 today. Happy birthday to the bona fide hottie!

"I sadly have the same thought that my parents say every birthday which is, I don't feel that old," she says of the big 4-0. "So, I have decided to make my mindset 40 is the new 15."

"Okay, fine... the new 22."

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The Playboy cover girl's ideal present on this first day of November? "Bradley Cooper in my shower right now would be a pretty awesome birthday gift," she writes.

We don't imagine she'll get a lot of arguments from the ladies on that one.

Things Jenny can do without include "saggy boobs, receding gums, back pain, wrinkles, poor eyesight and muscle loss ... are you youngsters excited to turn 40?"

"Surprisingly, I am," she adds, noting that the benefits make up for it. "Even though age comes with morbid conditions, I must say, it’s worth it for the wisdom that you gain."

"Sounds a little yoda-ish, but all the years of self- realization and work I’ve done on myself makes me okay with where I’m at in my life. I know who I am."

"I work my ass off to provide for my boy, I have an amazing son and we are both healthy. What better birthday present can I possibly ask for?"

Amen to that. As for your present ... enjoy these Jenny McCarthy photos!

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