Sabrina Bryan Reacts to Dancing with the Stars Shocker

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We're still getting over the shock, and so is Sabrina Bryan.

Just 24 hours after earning a perfect score on Dancing with the Stars, the singer and partner Louis Van Amstel were voted out of the ABC competition.

"It sucks to go home, and nobody's going to say it doesn't," Bryan told People backstage last night.

"Obviously this is a stinger, but you move on from things like this. Dancing with the Stars is awesome. And yes, would I want that damn sparkly mirror ball? Of course. Why did I sign up? Obviously I want it. But at the same time, I realize how blessed I am for everything I have."

Adding that she's "grateful" for learning from a pro such as Van Amstel, Sabrina said she's now rooting for her "little twin," Shawn Johnson.

"Love that girl," she says. "Man, she's awesome."

But we aren't over Bryan's ousting yet. Do you think it was the proper call?


I can’t believe Sabrina was able to take the elimination so graciously, especially when you could question the vote. Millions of people were not able to vote or see her stellar performance on Monday, so I think that they should throw out this week’s results. I was talking to some coworkers at DISH about this, and they doubted that would actually happen. I missed the show when it first aired, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. It is so nice being able to keep up with everything on during primetime on the four major networks without worrying about timers. I was so sad when I saw Sabrina, Apolo, and Mellissa were the bottom 3 because I knew that poor girl was going to be robbed of her chance to yet again.


pssst: back to the old & grumpy environment?

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