The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Don't Make Room For Daddy

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The Real Housewives of New York City returns this week but "Don't Make Room For Daddy" as he inserts himself in the middle of the viper's nest. We recap the venomous name calling and vicious mean girl attacks in our THG +/- review.


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    Regarding the Episode that is airing tonight on January 29th 2013 - I think that Aviva Dresgerm is a controlling, manipulative VICOUS, VIPER


    Aviva is a mean girl and jealous of Ramona and Sonya. Aviva the BITCH takes after her old man George, who is a ruke old fucker. AVIVA'S OLD, MORONIC, IMPOTENT, UGLY FATHER, has no business being on that Reality show.
    George has no manners and is a pushy cheap asshole who gives Jews a bad name.

    I THINK AVIVA and her dumb father, SHOULD BE DROPPED FROM THE SHOW. Aviva acts as though she's better than all the other women on the show. Aviva is an obssessive compulsive sarcastic insecure insulting, mean, frustrated, aggressive BITCH. If Aviva is as educated as she professes to be, than she sure doesn't show it, or act like an educated person. I can't imagive any woman liking a woman like Aviva. I'll bet that woman doesn't have any friends. Aviva is constantly having a pitty party about having had an accident as a child with losing part of her leg. Get over it bitch.
    Furthermore, it's none of Aviva's business what Sonya and Ramona do in their private lives. Aviva is jealous of the friendship that Sonya and Ramona have together. It's so obvious that Aviva is a conniving, jealous woman.
    What about all the War Amps, you don't see them having pitty parties the way this BITCH IS. Aviva is a whinner, alwlays looking for sympathy from anyone who will listen to her boring life story. Aviva is a nag in the worst way.
    i'm sure the public would not miss Aviva from seeing her on that show. I feel sorry for Sonya and her financial situation. I think her ex husband is being a first class asshole. I hope Sonya hires a good lawyer and sues his cheap ass. I don't like Heather's hypocritical gossipy ways. I think Heather is also extremely controlling and manipulative. Lou Anne acts as if she's The Diplomate ladiy in the group, but she's a gossip and a two faced hypocrite. I think Ramona is very intelligent. I'm sure that Ramona talks fast because she is a fast thinker.
    Of all the ladies on this reality show Ramona is probably the most honest and down to earth woman of the group. Ramona tells it like it is and most of the time, she's 'bang on'. Ramona may not be as educated as Aviva, but what good is an education if one does not put is to good use in their every day life. As for Carole, I think she tries to sit on the fence whenever a situtation arises. Carole sides with whatever woman she is spending time with. She seems to be a lonely woman that has no life, except for the book that she says she just finished, I don't think that woman has a very exciting life other than being on this reality show. Carole is a whimp of a personallty. To comment on Heather, well, I think she's another first class manipulator. Heather is as controlling as they come, she insults whomever she feels like whenever and wherever. Heather is an argumentative, bossy bitch. The reason we don't see much of Heather's husband is probably because it would be very obvious that Heather wears the pants in that household.
    Personally, of all the women, I think Ramona is the most genuine woman of the bunch. It's time to replace Aviva and Carole with other women who have more to offer to this reality show.
    A Canadian viewer.


    Aviva is playing the poor me card again. At the reunion she seem to be calm. Now she is talking about her mom's drinking. Thats just another way to justify her infamous outburst. I do not like her at all.


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    aviva you are a bully how can you sleep at night knowing this is the way you speak to people, you are not ramonas or sonjas mom so stop already!!!get alive please!!!and your father is disgusting


    Aviva's dad is the most disgusting man I have ever seen, which explains why Aviva is so disgusting. They both think money makes them better, even though their actions make them much worse than all the names they call other people.


    Aviva's dad is disgusting. And who died and made Aviva the fun police!? I'm surprised Ramona tolerated Aviva's bullshit as long as she did!


    I feel bad for Sonja, especially when she had such high hopes her meeting with her ex would be a new beginning for her. I’m glad she decided to move on, and she gets the settlement she deserves. My co-worker at DISH and I were laughing about Aviva’s comment to Ramona “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Ramona’s response was perfect, and it has made me like her more. I will miss the season finale of the “Real Housewives of New York,” but I set my Hopper to record the upcoming episode. I have a ton of DVR recording space which will come in handy when the reunions began, and also for the premiere of the new housewives’ shows.

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