President Obama Appears in Jay-Z Concert Video

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As the organizer and headlining performer at the Budweiser Made In America festival in Philadelphia this weekend, Jay-Z received a boost from one of his biggest fans:

United States President Barack Obama.

In a pre-recorded video, Obama said Jay-Z's personal story is what Made In America - the concert series' tagline - means. He also urged concert-goers to vote, obvs.

Obama is up for reelection on Tuesday, November 6. Nicki Minaj endorsed Mitt Romney today in a new rap song, but it's safe to say we know which way Jay's voting.

Check out the Obama Jay-Z concert below:

Decision 2012: How are you voting?


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@ What Smells- you can ear screw yourself till your nuts drop- I don't care but I will tell you this- I want his half black ass out of office because he represents (Democrats) the most RACIST people on the planet! You people had a chance a being something people could inspire but once again you have screwed it up! You cannot take the ghetto out of the Democrat! You people are a laughing stock! I sware I saw a woman last night on Row 1 pull a loaf of bread out of her purse and make a sandwich! Tacky! Racists to the core!


@ShadowZ I fully agree with you. And that's why those who are for Romney-Ryan need to do all they can to get them elected. The polls are growing in favor of the Republican candidates, therefore, it's time to keep pushing forward for the sake of the GOP ticket and save something for our kids and grandkids! After all, no one will remember if Obama was on a Jay Z concert video, but they'll sorely be reminded of what his policies have done to further wreck an already fragile economy and job market if allowed to have a 2nd term. Thus, this video tactic proves to be nothing but a lamely veiled attempt to prop up a loser Prez with no prospects of making a real,credible case that he might be even remotely competent.


@What Smells: YOU are what needs to be wrapped up in a diaper & disposed of with the rest of the repulsive refuse! I hope you're wiped clean off of this thread. You are disgusting and I am repulsed by you! But then, you've probably often heard that from many others! Same shit, different day, huh?


Daina you shit the bed or matt your up early.Matt pimping you out to spread his racist anti gay republican propaganda.Do thwy not sell adult diapers in your rich white gated community.


Notice the angry, defensive tone of many of the high roller DNC folks a the convention thus far?!? That's what happens when your man has no record to run on! Teddy Kennedy was the liberal lion alright. He also lived a reckless life! Kennedys are filthy rich...get a pass though unlike someone like Romney and are spared the "you're out of touch" accusation! The Kennedys feel entitled...they can do what they want--even reckless behavior and get away with murder! And that's who they showcased last night? Romney had some very strong moments with Kennedy in that debate years ago. Did they show those clips? NO!


We are doomed if Barry gets another 4 yrs.


What an embarrassing spectacle this OBAMA admin. has made of themselves. They just keep digging a deeper hole. Cant wait till November when they are all run out of town on a rail.


he alway's liked "Rockin'"


@ Matt.....first of all chill the fuck out!!! Damn man.....smoke some trees N calm the fuck down....Im independent 1st of all...second...I will support whomevr the fuck I want!!! N I have every right to my own opinion...if you dont like that....fuckin go fuck a goat!!! Lol no one cares what your lame ass thinks OK....I may be an independent.however.Im a liberal @ heart....a hard core one @ that nigga so check yo self...Im also extremely educated in foreign politics....something Im extremely influenced in considering Im of mixed race....I am well informed.Do not get it twisted!!! No one is hate N on your stupid ass republicans....I just feel like Obama deserves another 4 years....if America can vulnerably pass it onto Bush.why not Obama??? Thats all Im sayin play....let shit happen....because shit always happens for a reason!!


LMFAO! Why are most of the women in the audience at the DNC convention so overweight and ugly ??

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