Lincoln Movie Trailer: Hand It the Oscar!

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It stars Daniel Day-Lewis. It's directed by Steven Spielberg. It tells the true story of arguably our greatest President.

So can we just hand multiple Oscars to Lincoln right now?

The epic hits theaters nationwide on November 16 and centers on the final months of this legend's life. Its official synopsis teases Abraham Lincoln's "moral courage and fierce determination to succeed" and how "his choices during this critical moment [of war] will change the fate of generations to come.”

We're telling you: total Oscar bait. Watch the trailer now:


It sings the truth....magnificant...a great story whose meaning reviberates down through the ages...told by a great!!


Don't even bother having nominations! This amazing talented cast of stars with the raw history joined with a tale of true journey. I'm amazed if they don't sweep the Oscar statues. No movie this year so far embodies the talent of all that is in this movie! Bravo. Definitely seeing this movie when it comes out in theatres. And that says a lot for someone who hasn't seen a movie in theatres in a while.