Kourtney & Kim to Take Miami in January

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Stay away from the pools and lock your doors, Florida residents: Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are headed to Miami. Yes, again.

E! confirmed today that the untalented sisters will begin filming a new season of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami tomorrow, with shooting expected to last three months and new episodes set to premiere in January.

Expect many scripted fights between Kourtney and Scott Disick, along with appearances by Khloe Kardashian and maybe - just maybe - a few Kim Kardashian bikini scenes.

Watch the first teaser for the return of this fascinating reality show now:


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Kourtney & Kim to Take Miami in January
Seems homemade to me


Does she get peed on in the new season? or butt sexed maybe...
No. oh well, not watching. omg, i just had a thought. i bet if ratings go down mama pigtrashian will push the little piglets to do something like that


I don't know why so many people here are being so mean about Kim. I think she's overall a good person and funny too. In fact I've just created a tumblr with GIFs of her, check it out if you want a good laugh mylifeaskimk(.)tumblr(.)com


These women became popular because people were watching everything they did. The show became popular because people are watching still. By reading this story it shows people are interested, so why all the complaints?!


Isn't "haters" one of the most overused words in the English language? Maybe some people should buy a thesaurus and develop a vocabulary that doesn't make you come across as a 14 year old. Lately it seems if you disagree with someone over anything you are labeled a hater. Enough already.


everybody is juz hating kuz they obviously dnt have wat they have and everybody says they hate them but yet they take THEIR OWN time to go post ugly comments about them lol HATERS!!!


The best thing to do is contact all the companies that advertise during their shows and tell them you won't buy or use what they are selling. No advertising=no revenue=no shows. Or email E! and tell them you won't watch any of their programming until they stop showing the Kardashians 20 hours a day.


Yet you comment on stuff kardashian. Shut your unknown, faceless, ugly, untalented, invisible pie hole. We all know if you were anything worth seeing, somebody besides than your mom would complement you.




You are correct Be heard, the viewers are the ones keeping them in the public eye even though they said they are tired of them. I look at nothing or buy anything Kardashian. I click on a link about them to pass the word to stop give them any attention. If you like them then go ahead and watch but every blog I read where they have articles about them people seem to dislike them more than like them. That's why I say stop watching their shows. Their shows can't survive if they don't have good ratings.

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