Jeffrey Gutt on The X Factor: AWWWW!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have an X Factor champion! Say hello to Jeffrey Gutt.

Granted, it might be a little early to hand this contestant the crown, but he absolutely blew the judges and the attendees in Greensboro away last night, belting out an incredible version of "Hallelujah" and then bringing his four-year old son on stage to bask in the applause.

It may have been a heavily produced conclusion to the audition, but that doesn't take away from Gutt's impressive vocals.

You will be seeing this man again on stage. Enjoy his performance now:


Simone bring JEFFEREY GUTT back to your show !!!what the hell you are thinking to let him go !!!it was a BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!!


Absolutely agree with you but unfortunately for some crazy reason they didn't put him through. I hope they realize what a mistake they made and bring him back. My favourite by far.


You know what?.. I believe he's gay, I'm quite sure I saw him at a porn site..


2000 Hits on His YouTube video ! Turn the Page !
In One Day !
We should Help make Him a Sensation !
I think He Has the X Factor ! !


! He has a Great Rebel Yell too !


Found Him on YouTube
He does a Fantastic version of Turn the Page
I hope he plays Guitar for us on His way to the WIN !


! ! ! WOW ! ! !
! ! Love Him ! !
My Sons best friend is Talon and His Dads name is Jeffrey
Funny O' World
Any way he is my pick for WINNER !