Christina Aguilera Loves Her Booty as Much as We Do

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Christina Aguilera talks at length about her enviable booty in Lucky magazine this month. Immediately upon hearing this, we subscribed to that publication.

Proud to be bootylicious, the 31-year-old pop star and Voice judge loves her curves, which have certainly evolved since the early days of her career.

Evolved in a good way, according to the singer.

Christina Aguilera Lucky Cover

"Actually, the challenge I've always had is being too thin, so I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage," she confesses.

The singer also encourages curvy girls to flaunt their figures: "Hey, if you can work it and you can own it, that confidence is going to shine through."

Aguilera's eclectic sense of style is on full display in her spaceship-esque chair on NBC. "I have always loved dressing up, being theatrical," she says.

Mission accomplished, Xtina. Well done. Check out how she dressed up for Lucky by clicking to enlarge some more Christina Aguilera pictures below ...

  • Christina Aguilera Lucky Pic
  • Christina Aguilera Lucky Photo
  • Voice Season 3 Pic
  • Christina Aguilera, The Voice
  • Christina Aguilera Promo Pic
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If she was proud, she wouldn't wear shape wear, cover her flubby arms and try to hide her stomach all the time.
Disgusting anyway.
And look what happened to her once so defined face...sad.


Guys, she is doing what she loves and she is talented! Her curves makes her HER! BTW i'm in love with her new single "YOUR BODY"! OMG, every time I listen to it I cant wait to see the video! I also recommend you guys check out new boy band "RADIO FOR THE PEOPLE" and their version of Xtina's "YOUR BODY" love ya xtina!


Beautiful gal go chris!!


Skinny just isnt sexy, unless you are secretly gay and want women to look like 14 year old boys. She should redo that Dirty video now that shes got some boob and ass.


"Buffalo girl, won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight/Buffalo girl, won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon!"


no no no, this fat pig loves photoshopping as much as other fat americans!!(becayse this way she looks alway's slim)


Whatever helps her sleep at night. The fact of the matter is that she used to be one of the hottest women on the planet and now she is simply just another woman that you might find glancing in the windows of a local Cinnabon.


I've always liked Christina. Her vocal talent alone is beautiful but what put's the icing on the cake is her complete and utter confidence in herself, her body image and living her life by her own rules. YES!! It's taken me nearly fifty years to reach the point that she's at. I'm so impressed by her.


Gorgeous! I love this interview, and her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle made her look amazing! I love the styling in this, can't wait for the new album.