Bristol Palin Weight Loss: Dancing With the Stars Contender Then & Now!

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Bristol Palin's back on Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. With fewer pounds.

Check out the weight loss evident in her new promotional pic vs. 2010's ...

  • Bristol Palin Weight Loss
  • Bristol Palin on DWTS

Returning to the ballroom for this week's DWTS premiere with partner Mark Ballas, Bristol Palin impressed the judges with her cha cha, but also turned heads with her slim waistline.

"I'm definitely in better shape than I was last time, definitely. I'm just more active and I cut all the crap out of my diet! It's that simple," the 21-year-old said backstage this week.

It's unclear how much weight Bristol lost, but she looks a lot thinner!

The "most improved" returning contestant also credited Tripp: "My kid's a lot more rowdy, a lot more active. I'm running after him a lot! He's huge! He thinks he's a teenager already."

Bristol's competitor, Kristie Alley, recently weighed in on the Lady Gaga weight gain controversy. Alley looks great this season, as does Bristol. But who will last longer on the parquet?!

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Bristol is no star and she can not dance. Why does the network do this. Are they that desperate for rating. Bristol could not dance before and she still can not dance. Also, she is no star unless all unmarried 16 year olds are stars. Let her go quietly into the woods to have more bastard children.

@ Silver Lady

sounds like to me your jealous. makes me wonder how old your mother was when she had you? I bet pretty young.


She may not look like a buffalo anymore, but she still dances like one.


Agreed with Jack, racist and biggot, come on this chick had her face redone and she is a teenage mother just like the other girls out there struggling, oh please she has cash coming out of her butt she being a biggot. Stop giving the president advise and learn to raise your son with love and acceptance for all.


A good plastic surgeon and a racist, homophobic attitude does not make a beautiful youn women. As a supposed model for good some of her actions seem to defy logic


Bristol has matured into a very beautiful young woman.