The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Whine Party

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Too good to be true. That's what The Real Housewives of New Jersey's trip to "Whine Country" has been so far, but that's all about to change.

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    I got cut off, I wanted to finish saying that I think the producers of the show set this up to shock us. I don't think Teresa is so weakminded and abused that she would allow this to be aired and make a mockery out of her. I think they are acting and that they got paid well. I think we are all chomping at the bit to see what happens to poor Theresa and her old friends will come to comfort her in her time of pain as she goes to the bank to deposit her check!


    Wow! Treasa save what little pride you have left!! Leave that bozo husband of yours, hes really dragging you lower than down already!!!
    So sad you were so good on the first season. Now your just grasping for crumbs and losing all dignity.


    Finally got the chance to watch last night. Annie is correct, Joe DID push his wife's face away. I came away feeling profoundly sorry for Theresa. Any women who has to beg for her husbands attention like a dog for scraps should be pitied. It was just sad.


    Working with some demons! Wow, you are not kidding. I struggled with the thought of Teresa trying to seduce her reluctant husband for the cameras and I couldnt come up with a good reason. No human being could do that without a hidden reason ( with her blinders on).
    But, you know, I think that you are right. She did it to send a message to her husbands mistress. Teresa has no morals, she cannot be embarassed if she can make her point ( even if its in her head only)and is not capable of understanding the connection between have sex out in the open, on TV for her children to see, and right /wrong. If she ever understands these basic principals she is a suicide waiting to happen. There is too much evil within her to live with.


    she is embarrassing, yet entertaining. I'm with rich, WHO CARES, kathy should just forget trying to with with teresa. teresa is too pathetic to watch.


    I don't like Teresa, but I felt sorry for her. Obviously Juicy Joe has found some new stuff. How horrible to think she has to beg that little dumbass for sex, ugh!


    Teresa knows and has always known that her napoleonic syndrome husband is/was cheating. They are what we call in the Midwest "trash with "money". Her antennas went up the minute he got up and said he needed to call his "work". She cheapened herself in the vineyard with that short man because she knew that episode would be aired and that Joe's "outside piece" would see that. Just to let the "outside piece"know her "stuff is still being used by him. Miss Thing is really working with some demons!!!!


    I fell asleep last night before this episode came on, and after reading this I can't wait to watch it!!!!!


    I want to say these people are a very poor example of new jerseys finest people. Every state has a poor part of the state but these guys are saying they were from a better class of people from money before show started. I think not it shows a bunch of low lifes making it rich on us watching them get rich and sucking at it.let real new jersey show you how its done.these people are the lowest grade of people I mean who acts like that while your friend took you on a wonderful trip to do a business deal jumps on a piece of logo for the company saying its parts of someones body???give it a break and teresa has lost her morals,dignity, friends and by the looks of it her looked to me like joe actually oushes her face out of the way in coming attractions.this is not a show her children would be proud of. All this for the sake of money??!!??i believe they havent figured it out yet that they lost their souls too.

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