Sophia Bush to Gay Marriage Opponents: Eff Yourselves!

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Sophia Bush stars on Partners, a CBS sitcom that debuts next month and which focuses on the close bond between two best friends, one of whom is a homosexual.

In light of that subject matter and in the wake of the recent hullabaloo over Chick-Fil-A and the comments made by CEO Don Cathy, the former One Tree Hill actress recently went off on the topic of religion, gay marriage and equal rights.

And we mean OFF.

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"Here's my issue," Bush tells E! News. "It shocks me how many people come to their defense, first of all. I'm sorry, it's 2012, if you really think it's OK to deny anybody their basic human right of loving who they choose to love, you can go f-ck yourself, honestly. And you can print that, because I'm done. I am so over it."

She wasn't done, either. Take in her passionate stance below and then chime in with your take on gay marriage.

"Be a kind person... The reason I take issue with it is, especially in America, we are told that this is the place - give us your tired, give us your hungry, give us your poor - where anybody of any race, of any belief system, can come and have a shot at the American Dream. Have a shot at equality. Oh wait, unless your skin is a certain color, unless you have a certain sexual preference. That's not what it says on the Statue of Liberty. We are all supposed to be equal here.

"When you use God as an excuse to hate people and you use God as an excuse to cut people down, first of all, I think it's insulting to God. And second of all, you're missing the point. Because we're not talking about chicken. We're talking about the fact that every kid who reads that article, every kid who hears that said, every kid who sees a bunch of people wearing confederate flags and 'God Hates F-gs' T-shirts, showing up at Chick-Fil-A and eating chicken nuggets, you're telling those kids that they don't matter. And that they're less important than other kids in this country.

"My God loves everybody, and if yours doesn't, that's your prerogative, but don't tell me how to live my life and don't tell my best friends that you're going to take away their rights," Sophia concluded. "Because I will march you into the ground. I will argue you into the ground. I will petition you into the ground. I will not sleep, I will not stop, and neither will so many people in this country and in this world. It's not right."



.... Then it is better to marry than lust... So there u have it bitches it is better to marry then lust.. My q?? Why is a civil union paper accompanied by a wedding ceremony not enough anyway? Marriage is in the eyes of god not a piece of paper. And it aint a fkn right sh!t breaks it's a priviledge!! So u have your marriage whether god anoints it and u become 1 in his eyes only he knows. Seriously tho stop using up all the effin resources protesting this shit when it can be used on the tru needy causes bitches #wait I gotchu


Where's the rest of my post sh!eet


I would hate it if my kids grew up like her and most of Hollywood. A good CLEAN life = a healthy life All the crazy unhappy people in my family don't live godly. Sorry ... But truth


You can't even get your point across w/o swearing. Why would anybody take the time to translate your words? You prove the point that the proponents of gay marriage are the haters. Nasty, aggressive and foul mouthed all aimed at people who don't share your opinion. Just bc someone doesn't agree w/ using the word marriage does not mean that they believe gay couples are not entitled to every right that straight couples are. They simply believe that the term marriage is a religious one and has already been defined as a union between a man and woman. The rights for all legally united couples should be the same. You and others don't know what/why others feel the way they do bc you're too busy yelling and screaming to listen and learn. If we disagree, so be it. Your anger doesn't help your cause.

@ Abc

A few things
1. The bibles been translated over and over from one language to the next. The term homosexuality in it and how we view it today probably isn't anywhere near the way it was used when it was originally written. In fact it most likely is talking about men sleeping with boys as a passage into manhood (like the spartans used to do) IE pedophilia not homosexuality.
2. Second you can't say we believe people deserve equal rights than say you don't believe in marriage for all. That's not equal. Atheists (people who don't believe in God) can marry. Other religions have the ideal of marriage in them. Religions like Buddhism which generally don't believe in God. So why not homosexual people.
3. What about all the other stuff the bible says about mixed cottons and shellfish. eating. You want to pick and chose, that's not very fair.
4. What about the fact that everyone is allowed to sin as long as they repent. Thus if one homosexual gets married and believes in Jesus Christ as his or her savior and repents isn't one sin supposed to be as great as the rest.
5. Marriage has already been redfined from the bible. The fact that you can't sell your wife is proof of that.
6. Seriously stop cherry picking things because you were brought up to believe in something that not everyone believes.
You clearly missed the main points of the bible which is to love one another and to not judge for God is the only judge and by acting as if you have a right to tell someone who they can't love and marry is honestly not only the reason people are starting to stray away from religion but proves that you are going against Gods word by judging.
Honestly people need to stop being so concerned with other people lives and live what they believe is the right life without telling other people that they should believe and do the same as well.


Damn, people !!!! You're so fucked up it's almost funny!!! Allez tous vous faire voir si vous n'êtes pas foutus d'aoir deux neurones pour comprendre ce que c'est que d'être gay. Vous n'avez pas de respect pour eux? tant pis. Les gens intelligents, eux, vous respectent dans votre stupidité. I invite you to find the perfect translator on Googe, considering you were too dumb to try and be smart just a second, i didn't feel the need to translate my own thoughts. Oh, and fuck homophobics all around the world!


Activists (spellcheck) Maybe she should stop trying to tell other people what to think, feel and believe in. These people are bullies. "we're right and don't care what anybody else thinks" mentality.

@ BeGone

It doesn't have to do with whether we care what you think or not. You can believe in what ever you want but the minute your beliefs intervene and prevent people from doing everything they want in there own life, that's where it's not okay.




Always the gay rights actinides than get nasty and violent. Time and time again...


@PISSED Sadly, your "tale" is quickly becoming the classic American Story for many. Not so much with folks marrying their dog, but just anything goes with who or what constitutes marriageable material. I wonder how far you're willing to go with this thing....I mean, should we expect you'll soon be launching a cause entitled, "Sex with Rex: My Love Rights--like it or "eff" yourself"???? If so then, my, how imaginative, how bold you are! Maybe you could get Purina on board by forcing them to come out either in support of man/dog marriage or face the wrath and picketing of those such as yourself who do! Kind of a re-run of the whole Chick Fil A debacle in a way?!?


Hey PISSED OFF,are you pissed that you aren't very smart and can only think of a very weak analogy?Do you also like to use the marry a baby analogy too?If you are one of those morons that think gay marriage is a gateway to things like wanting to marry pets,then lets get rid of marriage altogether.Look what man/woman marriage has started,mixed race marriage.Are you aware of the fact that it used to be illegal to do that?Should we continue to evolve or just stay the same?

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