Scott Disick: Back on Drugs?!?

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are new parents and we must admit, Penelope Scotland is pretty darn cute.

But all is not well in this household, according to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, which quotes a friend as saying Disick is on a "downward spiral" and "more of a mess than I’ve ever seen him.”

Kourtney Kover

The cover story alleges that Disick is "back on drugs" and often partying while high on cocaine. Yes, folks, the "evil Scott" is back, says another source:

“Things between Kourtney and Scott are the worst they’ve ever been... The animosity between them is really bad."

Allegedly, Disick isn't allowed to be alone with his daughter, which might seem tragic, but consider this from Kris Jenner's point of view: talk about prime storyline material for Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

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Scott Asso


scott u need to move on. i'am so tired of kourtney treating u lik a child,telling u what do, as if u have no say so on anything. its always what she wants, shes to controlling. get youre self fixed and freeze your sperm till u r ready 4 more children. u can find someone else, u deserve better. I think u r so handsome. u & khloe r the best out of everyone !don't be afraid to move on !!!1


It didn't really matter what Scott did, Kourtney was always whining about something. He tried, he went to counseling, changed his lifestyle and she still wasn't happy. And Scott is by far the most entertaining one on the show!


It really didn't matter what Scott did, Kourtney was always whining about something! If the reality show is really true, Scott portrayed to be going to counseling and changing his lifestyle to appease her, but she still wasn't happy. And I do have to agree, Scott was the most entertaining one on the show!


People need to stop hating..If u dont good to say den shut the fuck up..


I think she's using him at this point to have her kids. She always said she didn't want more than one baby daddy. Guarantee when she's done having kids she'll kick him to the curb...


this comment is for could have called us blacks or African need for the racist comment. you are a true asshole.


Khloe needs to mind her own business and stop itching... Kourtney needs to give Scott a break and stop treating the guy like a child.. STOP stringing the guy a long.... He loves u but it seems hes fed up..


Wow "stop the H8". You sure packed a lot of hate into less than 30 words.


Stop the H8, you're a mess.

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