Randy Travis Labeled "Extremely Intoxicated," Hospitalized After Church Brawl

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Randy Travis reportedly got himself into a lot more trouble this morning with alcohol.

Just two weeks after the country singer was arrested for DUI - following a car accident in which he appeared to be driving naked - and six months after he was popped for public drunkenness, Travis was hospitalized due to injuries suffered in a church parking lot brawl around 1 a.m.

Randy Travis on the Mic

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they responded to the incident after receiving a tip about two men fighting and, upon arriving at the scene, escorted both to the hospital.

One onlooker says Travis appeared to be "extremely intoxicated," while another insider claims the fisticuffs took place over a female.

No word yet from the artist or anyone in his camp. Dude clearly is in need of some serious help.

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Randy Travis is not gilty


Randy Travis is a regular person with problems. He was a nice man who was probably used in his life and he couldn't take it. But if by some Miracle he reads this, I want him to know that drinking like this is only making his life worse! Come on Randy! Pick yourself up and clean yourself up. You can only go UP from where you are now. Love ya!


I too, have always loved randy and his awesome, unique, voice!!!!a
I used to clean my house, with randy's help, of his fine,sometimes sad,music. I saw him twice live, last time in 1997, in washington state. That's when he was still with liz.......ya, whatever!!! He is reaching out to us! I pray he finds his serenity in life, and keeps singing thoses beautiful songs..... "I told you so"".............good luck randy!! I still luv ya!!aaa


please people he needs help lets pray for him we all have been down in the vally GOD brought us back an he can randy


Come on, give poor ol' Randy a break! After all, it's just whiskey...the Devil in the bottle syndrome! No big deal, is it? After all, we've all gone before him. Besides, look at the company his been keepin'. Flying out of here and the such. Pure nonsense!!!! So lighten up, and watch as he slowly fades away. Sad...very sad.


It's sad when alcohol takes over anyone's life. Celebrities or just the average person. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. Or anyone else that needs help.


White Superstar and White America embrace him.. Black Superstar then they want to strip them of their livlihood.. KKK @ its finest moments such bs...


I have always loved him. Where is this so called wife at any way ?


well to all the neg.people out their dont act like u r perfect look in the mirror....if u ever meet a perfect person give them my email address so i can meet Jesus ...and as for u randy come on man get back on the horse u r way better than this man but see u r only human and some like to drink beer and some like to drink coffee both r a problem people cant live without u will b ok


How disappointing to hear that Randy Travis has been arrested. I idolized him, his voice and his persona. What is becoming of celebrities? He had such a reputation for being a hard working , all American boy. I find it hard to listen to his music now without picturing his mug shot. Oh well..there is always someone to take his place in Country music...and so it shall be.