Mariah Carey Pushes for Lenny Kravitz as American Idol Judge

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With names of potential American Idol judges flying around faster than Kim Kardashian's clothes at a 2001 swingers party, Mariah Carey has decided to make her voice known.

The one person who we know we'll see on the panel in January Tweeted a photo of herself and Lenny Kravitz this week along with the caption:

"@AmericanIdol What's going on? need the info!! What about this combo? : ) if we could ever get him to do it!"

Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz

According to reports, Carey is peeved over the likely inclusion of Nicki Minaj as a Season 12 judge, having been allegedly told no other females would be hired for the position.

The latest rumor, meanwhile, actually places Kanye West alongside the legendary pop singer.

It's a pretty big mess, but it's also keeping American Idol in the news. What do you think of Mariah's suggestion? Would Lenny Kravitz make a quality judge?


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Not watching this year.judges are all wrong.


I think they need to find someone who will clash a bit with Mariah to make better TV! The stupidest thing to do would be to hire some Mariah "favorite" - so she can basically run the show.


Speaking of purple... Prince would be the ultimate.. I'm sure he would never do it, and mariah could not tolerate a brighter star than her own... but talk about ratings.... of all the rumors I heard or read about, adam lambert is so the way to go.


Definitely better than stupid ass "Kim Kardashian". Uuuggggh.


I heard one day that if you eat too much chicken you might turn purple. I've been eating chicken everyday since I heard and I'm still not purple. Any suggestion for what I can do to turn purple? Thank you.


Yass! Fingers crossed for no niki or kanye crap qualified judges just for ratings sake... Y would mariah be cut over niki minaj possibly getting the job?? That's a load a crap if ever I heard.