Kanye West in Talks to Join American Idol?

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Just when you thought American Idol had narrowed down its selections for the Season 12 judging table to a few names...

According to TMZ, producers have reached out to Kanye West about sitting alongside Mariah Carey on the Fox juggernaut - and the rapper has expressed interest in the gig.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian

West, of course, would bring major legitimacy and name recognition to the show. Although he's really only been in the news these days because he's dating Kim Kardashian for some reason.

Insiders say Kanye is "on the fence" because he isn't sure if Idol would be a solid fit for his brand, while those behind the program would need to consider writing another huge paycheck. West would not take a penny less than Carey's $17 million/year, sources say.

Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, is considered a near lock for one of the judging positions, much to the chagrin of Mariah.

Would you want to see Kanye join them?


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Sounds like this could really be a good deal for West. The show could really use someone like West who is currently popular and relevant. With him being on the show, I’m going to enjoy it even more. This show gives my Dish coworkers and I a lot to talk about. This year I’ll be recording it on my Hopper, which automatically records all prime time shows on major networks with the Prime Time Anytime feature. It’s so convenient and effortless that I don’t have to set up timers.


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Kayne West joining American Idol=A REALLY STUPID-ASS IDEA!!!!! Period.


@20/20 actually kanye was in a car accident that broke his jaw and nearly killed him... Thus why his "mouth is off"


Pfftt who is he to demand the same as mariah, get back to the gutter boy! Not even near the same professional level as she...
Not even worth quarter mate, taylor swift is more valuable than thee crut west crut


Never watched the show and never will. They pay ridiculous money to celebrity judges and there are other things that they can do w advertising sponsorships thn filling celebrities' pockets.
West looks like a horse-mouth


I have watched every season of American Idol..I have absolutely no interest in it this time.


He is so ugly. His teeth are either too big for his mouth or his bite is way off. Spend some money and get that mouth fixed!!


How funny,trash and trash. Sick of the both of them,go away please!!!

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