John Travolta Denies Cruise Ship Sex Assault

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John Travolta is finally firing back at Fabian Zanzi, the one-time cruise ship worker who accused the Hollywood legend of sexually assaulting him in 2009.

Travolta filed legal documents yesterday claiming the employee is lying.

Fabian Zanzi claims Travolta exposed himself during a neck massage aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, then offered to pay him $12,000 to keep it quiet.

Zanzi detailed his salacious allegations in a lawsuit back in June.

John Travolta on Red Carpet

Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, responded to the claim, admitting John was on the cruise but denying all the allegations of misconduct against him.

Singer notes that Zanzi filed a report with Royal Caribbean over the alleged incident when it happened, but failed to mention any of the sexual details.

Travolta, who was also accused of similar actions by two male masseurs this spring, wants the lawsuit dismissed and for Zanzi to pay his legal fees.

Separately, Doug Gotterba and Robert Randolph have both alleged sexual relationships with Travolta; he has denied or not responded to all claims.


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