Conrad Murray Rips Katherine Jackson: Way to Be There For Michael!

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the terrible physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson, is still not showing remorse.

Moreover, he's taking new shots at MJ's mother.

In a phone interview, Conrad Murray accuses 82-year-old Katherine Jackson of letting him down and "failing to be there" while he was alive.

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Asked if he'd ask forgiveness from Katherine for giving the insomniac star a cocktail of drugs that led to his death, Murray was incredulous.

"Mrs Jackson does not have to forgive me because I am not responsible for his death," he said. "There is nothing for her to forgive me for."

"I would say this: Is anyone willing to ever forgive Mrs. Jackson for failing to be the mother she could have been for her son? Would Michael forgive his mother for not being the mother that he wanted to be there all the time?"


Now serving four years at Los Angeles County Jail, Murray said he would be more than happy to sit down and talk with Katherine Jackson.

Somehow we don't see that invite being extended.

In the telephone call, Murray again professed innocence and said he was closer to Michael Jackson's children than the star's own family.

Murray also alleged that Michael's 85-year-old father, Joe Jackson, could be receiving money from his son's vast fortune via Katherine.

Joe, who has been accused of beating his son as a child, may be enjoying payouts from Katherine's allowance, according to the doctor.

"She is probably handing out funds to his father," said Murray. "[Michael] would roll in his grave if he knew Joe Jackson spent a penny of his money."

Last month police were called to Michael's kids' home in Calabasas, Calif., when Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson tried to take them away.

Katherine Jackson had been reported missing at the time, a possible victim of a long con involving a trip to Arizona she did not consent to.

Jermaine and Tito have backed off their threats against the estate, while Janet Jackson's statement on Michael's will offers no such olive branch.

Despite strongly insinuating that she was kidnapped as part of this failed coup attempt to oust Michael Jackson's executors, Katherine Jackson has no plans to sue her own children. That's good to hear at least.


This family is a mess....but I wish they would leave MJ's kids alone, and Katherine too....they've had enough to deal with and probably will have more in the future.....when the real baby daddy's and mamma come out of the closet.....I see this happening in the future....(who is Paris and Prince BIO father, and who are Blankets BIO parents???? I think the answer is coming....


Who cares what Murray says!
A parent can only be there for their children so much once they are grown, and SHE wasn't the one that shot MJ up with Propofol - HE did.
Praying for the children, the only ones who matter.


Sure the doc was a money grubber and was horribly negligent. But what about MJ? What caring father gets a sub par MD to hook up an IV line and pump him full of surgical anesthetic when his kids are in the next room? A selfish addict. What loving mother stands by and looks the other way when her child is being beaten by her husband? And then goes shopping with the money that child made? A selfish so-called mother. There is such things as personal liability for poor life choices. Well, maybe not in these times.


I can't believe what I have just read. First He wants to talk to Katherine Jackson face to face and then he wants to bash her. He needs stay where he is nd suffer the consequences. As far as I am concerned he got off easy and I am sure that there are a lot of people that share my feelings. Michael Jackson lost his life because of his wrong doing and he wants to say that Michael would roll over in his crave. Yeah, roll over and beat his ASS.


Conrad Murray is a one of the puppets and in the payroll of the real murderers the excutors of MJ estate who are controlling MJ's Billion estate and AEG promoter of this is it! these people&corprat are greedy murderers!


Murray just tell us Randy Phillips of AEG was the first person you called when you leraned MJ wasnt breathing, waiting for his instructions what to do next, he didn't instructed you you to call 911 that's why you did not called 911 that morning of June 25,2009, then yuo also called Frank Dileo, no one from them instructed you to call 911,you and randy phillips made it sure that MJ is really DEAD and then pretended to call help by calling the security chief of mj w/c at the time wasn't in the property! the surveillance camera in the house was erased by the LA police. Murder of First degree shiuld be charged by that Quack not manslaughter, he intentionally killled MJ w/ the helped of Randy Phillips, John Branca.Sony, Colony capital,Tom Barrack, Thome thome,dan hawk, and the LA police along w/ steve cooly helped those white men to get away enoying their freedom now,except the black doctor!


He is a disgrace to the medical profession, using reverse psychology to attempt to transfer the blame to another victim of his negligent actions.


@Nyesha At Murray trial it has been widely proved that Murray and other so-called doctors told Michael Jackson that propofol was safe and he just needed to be monitored. Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia, it is a serious problem. This has nothing to do with being an addict and actually it has also been widely proved that Michael Jackson was not a drug addict, as the Coroner stated in the autopsy report and ruled the death as HOMICIDE as the overdose was caused by another. NO drug was found in Michael Jackson's system except those Murray administered him. Michael Jackson was a grown man but was not a doctor, with no doubt you too listen to what your doctor tells you and I bet that you too if suffering from insomnia would do anything to sleep (if you could).


Sorry Nyesha,
there a no 2 ways here. MJ would be still alive, when the doctor had handled responsible in administering Prop to his patient and had monitored him properly. Instead of this he left him unattended for nearly an hour to phone with his girlfriends and other patients. I don´t see any difference between a celeb and normal persons. Elvis doctor or that one from Anna Nicole Smith were aquitted for administering drugs to their famous patient. But you cannot compare these cases, because CM was rightfully accused of Involtary Manslaughter because of his negliance.


I think its both ways on this MJ situation. You guys know how celebs can get, and they demand what they want. Im sure Dr. Murray told MJ the possible health risks that can come with taking so much of that drug, but Michael not wanting to disappoint his fans probably insisted. Do you think telling a celeb 'no' is going to work? I think the Dr. should have stood his ground and not give MJ the drug, but I also think Michael is a grown man and should know when enough is enough. When regular people OD, I don't see them getting justice, only being called an addict or crack head, but when celebs OD, the person who gave them the drug is responsible. Shame on them all!

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