Chick-fil-A Employee Bullied By Douchebag in Epic Activism Fail

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Whatever side you're on in the ongoing Chick-fil-A controversy, or how you feel about same sex marriage, we can all agree on one thing:


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    She handled this dickhead quite eloquently, but should have called her Manager to the window. Dude, this girl is just trying to make a living........go pick a fight with someone else.


    Give the perverts an inch, they want a mile. I wouldn't be surprised if hate crimes against gays and lesbians, heat up. They brought it upon themselves. Pushy, fuc----g, freaks.


    This guy is a typical left wing individual that we see everyday. He can't wait to pull a stunt and when the applause is not there he tucks his tail and apologizes. These people have no substance about them
    And you would find more loyalty in a crack house than with them. All they feed on is arrogance and hate. they will never get respect.


    I am a person who believes in tell the truth i dont believe in same sex marrige and have the right to stand up and say so its called freedom of speech im sick and tired of hearing about gay rights haveing their point of view voiced at us but when we have our say we are all wrong well we not


    God/Jesus is nothing but a fictional character from a book written thousands of years ago.
    So please, you religious nut jobs, do us all a favour and keep your religion in the churches
    where it belongs, not in politics.


    I hope Chick Fil A sues! Yeah. It's time the gay individuals and groups be forced to acknowledge that ALL Americans have right to express their values openly. If the gays don't like it...hey, go "VEGAN"! Problem solved!


    This is a moral issue that gays want to turn into a civil issue. If it was a civil issue holder would have put this into the system like he does everything else that he can. If you don't agree with a states denial of gay marriage- MOVE! Gays are the type of people that go looking for trouble and when the find it they don't want it. Gays picked this fight with this gay marriage stance-labeling Homophobe and Christians as a whole are not having it! THATS BLACKS WHITES BROWNS, BAPTIST, CATHOLICS ETC.


    WHO CARES ABOUT A 'NOBODY'.......f*** HIM~~


    We, who believe in equal rights for the citizens of this country should not be targeting Chick Fila. We should be targeting the state and government policies. I'm straight, and married. But, I believe in equal rights for all. I'm also Christian. This is not about religion. America and our constitution say NOTHING about a religion nor about marriage being between man and woman. This has turned into a religious controversy, and it SHOULD not be. This is not about sin, or God. This is an issue of government and civil rights. So all you bible thumpers move along. Not your issue. Sorry!


    God gave us the freedom of choice, the government took that away.

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