Charlie Sheen is Never Going Away

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It's terribly sad but true: Charlie Sheen really is winning.

The actor has reason to celebrate today (hooker and cocaine-free, we hope) because FX has picked up his Anger Management sitcom for 90 additional episodes. Yes, 90.

Charlie Sheen as Charlie Goodson

The network was forced to complete the order after making an unusual agreement with Sheen and the series: if it performed well enough, FX wouldn't just order a second season comprised of 10 installments.

No, it would go all out and guarantee 90 more, which takes the total number to 100 and, in all likelihood, the series in to syndication. Which could net Sheen $100 million in all.

Why make such a deal with such a trouble star? Who the heck knows. But might have something to do with money.

Let's hope Sheen continues to use his for a good cause.

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leosgrl: Haha, I so agree! lol


I can't get enough of Charlie. Me and millions of other people. This alone proves his talent, his worth and his business savvy. Keep winning Charlie. It'd never be the same without you!!


What is this judgmental article ?!..pathetic..Sheen is talented and owns his flaws unlike you silly entertainment blogger 'Hilton hater'..


I wish there was a like button for the comments made by hmm, lyndee & maddison. I agree with you all. Congrats Charlie. Love him.


Yay charlie keep going dude you can do it and you rock


I'm all for charlie winning!


Dispite his issues, the man is a great actor and a smart business man. Whether people want to believe it or not.