Roger Mathews: Dying to Marry JWOWW for Some Reason

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Might Snooki not be the only Jersey Shore cast member to walk down the aisle in the near future?

In a new interview with People, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley makes it clear that things with boyfriend Roger Mathews are going well. Just how well?

"[Roger's] dad is dying for us to get married," JWOWW says. "He wants grandchildren. He texts me almost every day for that."

Roger Mathews and JWOWW

Before JWOWW does get pregnant, she might wanna talk to her pal about how babies can apparently feel orgasms.

Farley and Mathews already live together and the latter admits he's anxious to make an honest woman out of the reality star, but: "There's no rush ... no trophy for being first. But do we want to get married? Oh yeah. Absolutely."

There's only one thing standing in the way of the couple's dream. Isn't that right, JWOWW?

"I just want a big ring," she says. "That's all I care about – a big ring."



.....DAMN girl...a big aSS ring!!! Thats it..? Your man N who your going to end up spending the rest of your days with...thats what you should be focused on.....N please....dont bring any kids into the world! Youre worse than


A big ring is all she cares about? Not love or being compatable or having a long wonderful future and family. A big ring. At least her values are in the right place. Not. What a nut. I pity the children any of these idiots have


Jwow has body.


J Woww, what makes you think your trashy a$$ deserves a big ring? Materialistic and shallow much? And what the heck is wrong with your face in this pic? You really need to lay off the's not a good look!

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