Michael Bloomberg Addresses Colorado Shooting, Calls for Stricter Gun Control

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Count Michael Bloomberg as someone who doesn't think any lives would have been saved inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last Friday if MORE people had been carrying guns.

During an appearance on Face the Nation, the NYC Mayor was asked about remarks made by a Texas Congressman in which Louie Gohmert speculated that James Holmes could have been stopped and fewer people killed/injured if only movie goers had been "carrying."

Bloomberg's responded by basically making like Seth Meyers and asking: REALLY?!? You really think it will be safer to create a "wild west" like country where every other person is holding a weapon?

In the wake of the massacre, many celebrities took to Twitter and also called on Obama/politicians to crack down on gun control. The President has made no attempt to do so during his time in office so far.

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Bloomberg is just like former NJ governor Jon Corzine. Both billionaires who spent millions to get 'elected' so they could bask in the spotlight of celebrity luncheons and opening night premiers - whoring to get their photo in the papers. Only their egos surpass their big mouths.


@Steve: Your comment is about smartest thing, I have ever read on this site. The 2nd Amendment was established for the protection of its own people. Protection from sick individuals like J Holmes and the gov't itself. The creators of the Constitution did not want the gov't to have too much power. Its funny you can read the newspaper and see a convenience store shooting or gang-related crime quite possibly everyday and no one stands up and shouts for gun control, however, when a tragic incident like this happens and the media runs with it for a week or two, we need gun control now more than ever. Michael Bloomberg is a joke who just wants a little more time in front of the camera. I mean seriously this guy bans Big Gulps but turns around the next day and endorses "National Donut Day". I would take everything Bloomberg says w/ a grain of salt.


I am an "everyday citizen". I own an AK47, AR15, several guns and rifles. Although you may see it as unfathomable Hilton Hater, but bad people will find a way to get the weapons they seek. Someone will get in serious trouble for Holmes purchase of tear gas.
Simply put, where there's a will there's a way.


The NRA is really the mafia. They give so much money to candidates and congress and the senate,that they are afraid to mess with them. It's a shame when the NRA can fix it where if you don't vote for these nuts having guns to be able to buy them legally,you won't be elected president or anything. The type of weapons this man had should have been only for war combat. Who needs weapons that can fire that many times? Even the police doesn't need those kinds of weapons,


@ Hilton hater, i agree about assault rifles, like i said before. However we all know tons of crap is smuggled in the country every day. Laws just keep law abidng citizens in check. Criminals dont care about laws obviously. People that have mental issues should also not be able to purchase guns, but of course someone will say thats discriminating against disabilities. Tough shit.
If you have issues, forget it. You may decide you are just fine and no longer need those pills to keep you level and go loopy.


@HH - I haven’t seen a good candidate in many of the past presidential elections. I don't judge a candidate's ability or integrity by their wealth; however, I believe many of our politicians are just 'out of it' because they are so privileged and don’t understand what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck. I see their main concern at achieving greater self-wealth. That is how I view Bloomberg.


@Lana: Safe to assume you are not voting for Mitt Romney based on that wealth argument?


What does Bloomberg know about anything related to normal people who don't live a life of super wealth like him? He's worth billions and does not live in the real world. The guy just loves to be the center of attention. What a selfish pig he is.


Clearly there can be a compromise between no guns... and automatic machine guns. No one is offering up an outright ban on guns. But what purpose does it serve to have an everyday citizen able to purchase an AK 47? Moreover, the argument that a nut job will "get the weapons anyway" is rather ridiculous. Why have any laws in that case? Clearly the goal should be to make it as difficult as possible for people to carry out there types of acts.


How about stricter psychos-on-the-loose laws?? All of those bipolar, skitzo and personality disorder ppl are more scary and ppl get ccw's to protect against 'those' people.