Matrix Director Sex Change: Larry Wachowski Now Lana Wachowski!

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This certainly puts a whole new spin on The Matrix: Revolutions.

Larry Wachowski, the acclaimed Hollywood director responsible for the hit movie franchise has apparently outed himself as a pink-haired transsexual.

He recently made an unexpected public debut as Lana Wachowski.

Larry Wachowski Sex Change

Wachowski has been undergoing hormone therapy as part of his sex change treatment for nearly a decade now, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

In a trailer for his latest film, Cloud Atlas, Wachowski says in a soft voice: ‘Hi, I’m Lana.’ It's the first time he has appeared publicly as a woman.

Wachowski's new film, which stars Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon, is one of the most hotly anticipated of the year.

At the height of The Matrix's popularity, Wachowski left his wife for a dominatrix called Ilsa Strix. Here's hoping he's found happiness since then.


Took the pink pill...




I wouldn't mind if he was a good looking woman.....but he's not.


I respect her decision to change her identity from male to female.. It's nobody's right to judge people and their lives, for the disgusting comments, i say you people, judge yourselves!
Whatever she wants to do with her life, it's HER LIFE! Just back off and show some respect to the freedom of people.
And the writer of the article must be more carefull and conscious. From now on, she names herself as a pink-haired transsexual, Lana which means she will be referred as 'SHE'.
And last off all, I am so proud of her, such a great courage to declare herself to public, such a leading director. Thank her for her bravery..


Um yea. HE is still a man. Just because the the media likes to shove all this LGBT bullshit down our throats, doesnt mean we have to swallow it. He was born a man. No amount of hormone therapy can change that, and getting his penis chopped off doesn't either. I don't hate the guy for doing this, I won't name call or anything like that, but I call things for what they are, and if I.met home in person, its "Hey what's up DUDE."


this article kept referring to Lana as as "he." no that is just disrespectful to an individual who went to great lengths to be considered female but still be viewed by others as male. remember that this is not so much about genders- it is about respect and an individuals pursuit of happiness.


This world has to end. Enough of all this. These are sick people. They are as sick as pedophiles and period.

@ Krancjarowski

i don't think there's anything sick about being true to yourself. what i think is sick is the unnecessary, disrespectful judgment from an uneducated individual like yourself.


eEw YuCkk ---
Looks like a lunatic
Signs-o- the time.


I just want to say I think that Lana is very beautiful!! I admire her courage and wish her the best!! All hatred should go out of the window!! I would not dating here and yes I am a professional and unfortunatly 61 years of age, as I would love to ask her out to dinner and discuss whatever came to our minds as I know that she is very intelligent!! I wish her the best and hope that I have the luck to meet her someday and chat with her!! God Bless Lana and I am a great fan of yours!!!


Im horrified by all the ignorant comments here. I cant believe in this day and age there are so many clueless, backwards thinking, close-minded people. These people are not changing who they are. They are changing their physical appearance to match their brain...who they really are inside. They are not switching sexes completely because its something fun to do. They are making the outside match the inside. Sure, it seems unnatural to us because we dont have this problem. God is not going to punish them but may punish you for being so judgemental, ignorant, & cruel. Just because you are not familiar with something and dont understand it doesnt give you the right the condemn these unfortunate people that were born with a condition causing them to be born in the wrong body.