Danell Leyva Naked Pictures to Hit the Internet?

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U.S. gymnast Danell Leyva is making headlines this week, and not for his performance in the London Olympics, but for his antics with an iPhone.

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    Eres el mas bello del mundo.Te quiero mucho.......Dios te bendiga.


    saludos...vi toda tu participacion en los olimpicos...eres un gran ser humano y tienes una familia bonita..no se porque me gustaria cocerte ..eres un homnre bello en todos los sentidos.....te admiro. todo lo demas lo deje en la imaginacion...


    These look hott, so thanks to her.


    Wait, he sent these to a girl? Not a guy?


    She's obviously jealous. Leaking the pics and asking for NOTHING in return. She is trying to humiliate him or get him into some kind of trouble...Jealousy...pure jealousy.


    First; Danell has a great body. He's a freaking gymnist. Second; Yes, the girl shouldn't have done that right after the gymnastics finals. She might've been jealous(?) or upset that after what he did to her, he still gets the fame and glory. Third; I don't think Danell should've done that to the girl in the first place. Especially knowing that he was going to be or is in the olympics representing USA


    The bitch is jeaulous and is mad because he is getting so much attention. I despise ppl like her.


    Danell is very goodlooking and has a great body. He should be proud of the photos because he looks very hot in them.


    First impressions on this situation was OMG!! Surprised about him doing something like that. But when you think about it, it is kind of being a baby in a way because she didnt like what he did (it is wrong) but you are just trying to get attention and you just so happen to post the photos when Danell is getting a lot of attention, and she just wants to shut down his reign of popularity by posting pics of him showing skin. But now that she wants to post nude pics (sure girls would love it) but that is just wrong. Judt wants Danell to have trouble with the media on top of the pressure he has in doing gymnastics, that is just low and sick. In the end, Danell did a bad thing to many girls, but the girl is just a real child. I know people might disagree with everything that I am saying right now or not, I would just like to boice my opinion about this REALLY STUPID, CHILDISH AND RETARTED SCANDAL!

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