Trapper Joe LaFont, Swamp People Star, Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Swamp People star Trapper Joe (real name Joseph LaFont) has been arrested for domestic violence in California, according to reports. The reality star got popped early Wednesday morning in Orange County for domestic battery.

Here's Joe's addition to our celebrity mugshots gallery:

Trapper Joe Mug Shot

Sources close to LaFont say he and his girlfriend had gotten into some kind of dispute. The specific details surrounding the arrest are not clear, however.

Joe is currently being held on $1,500 bond, TMZ reports.

Both Joe and his stepson Tommy Chauvin narrowly escaped death in a big five-car pile-up near the Arkansas-Louisiana state line back in April.

His Swamp People co-star Mitchell Guist died in May.

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I like swamp people and I don't think it's fake, I felt bad when Mitch died and I wish that they would have had a memorial for him at the end of the season.


all i am going to say,is i am from louisiana and this is no surpise to me that joe was arrested for what he got arrested for.....not all but alot of the men around there are big drinkers and sum bads.....




I am absolutely astounded that people are ignorant enough to actually say," this isn't real." Let me tell you something, a man who works in an auto plant or a factory or sales would not last ONE DAY,,ONE 12 HOUR DAY IN THE SWAMP !!! You think that's easy what they do ? THAT'S ABOUT AS REAL AS LIFE GETS YOU IDIOTS.. I personally bought many an alligator tail from Joe LaFont that he caught and cleaned himself.These men know what real life and making a living is and when they say we wouldn't do anything else ? They wouldn't.They take care of their families..and this article? Hey stuff happens..get over it..we're not talking about Mel Gibson ok?


These shows aren't real? The only reason I watch them is because they remind me of home now that I work in East Tennessee. These shows are super real. Well if you really know the swamp anyway.


I'm sorry to see people putting down Swamp People & Cajun Justice. I'm from south Louisiana and could care less if people are making fun of us. The movies and media have always made fun of us. They think because we don't grind our r's out we're stupid. An old saying down here is "Live and Let Live." Everybody is laughed at by somebody. Or, I could say by TMZ. And, PS...the Cajun culture is not deminishing. Cajuns like Native Americans have survived too much to dissappear. Peace.


I have ancestors from all over the south. I have often remarked how Joe's eyes resemble that of my father. Well, y'all better be glad that he wasn't either married or seeing my mother. The next time she went hunting gators she would use Joe as "Gator Bait" My mom was just a good of a hunter as Liz Cavaliier is. Act your age, show some respect to you & your kin. Swap is a strange & "funny" place and has been known to take her revenge at the least unexpected time. Down there the swamp takes care of their own.


My favorite show. Just a shame that a drunken fool has to mess up. He's not like the other family men on the show. He needs to go.


Smdh.... He was arrested in Florida at a hotel for assaulting his girlfriend. Not his wife Anne. I just came back from shreveport and loved it! I can see how disgusted true LA natives must be of this show. However, every state has its group of backwoods people... Shame on you Joe for having a girlfriend when you have been married 15 years, then to have the audasity to hit her. Smdh. This 15 minutes of fame is destroying your 15 year marriage!


This show is an embarrassment to my state! I live in Terrebonne parish at one of the southern most points in Louisiana and I know of No One who acts like these people! Other than them of course. There's been so much bad press here for the new Cajun Justice show but what's good for one is good for the other. But no, lets keep glorifying a wife beater and promoting his show at the same time. If you want to know the true Southern Louisiana; take it from a native born Louisianian, and come see it for yourself. We are not full of backwoods mush mouth speaking people, bayous, and gators. Actually all of our stuff like that is slowly eroding away. I wish everyone could know how unreal these shows really are.