Terrell Owens Naked Photos: Up For Sale!

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Terrell Owens always had great hands on the football field.

Now the former NFL star is showcasing how he put them to good use off the gridiron in a series of graphic naked photos being shopped around ... if you know what we mean! We mean the pics show T.O. going to town on his Johnson.

Hopefully he gets a cut of the profits ... he's broke as a joke.

Broke Terrell Owens

The woman shopping the Terrell Owens photos claims the two met on Twitter, and later moved on to Skype, where they engaged in cyber sex.

Yes, apparently people do this.

The women decided to take a few T.O. action shots for good measure, and why not, given the ease of the screen-grabbing function on MacBook.

A similar thing reportedly happened with the Tyson Beckford sex tape. Bottom line: Be careful out there, kids, before you whip it out on Skype.

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