Red Light Cameras Suspended in New Jersey After Hundreds of Erroneous Tickets Mailed

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New Jersey's red light camera program has been suspended pending a widespread number of tickets issued erroneously to people going through yellow lights.

That'll do it.

The newly-installed cameras, placed at busy intersections to capture speeders and red light runners in the act, result in tickets being mailed to the violators.

In addition to coming as a surprise (and raising civil rights questions) among those who are unaware they're being filmed ... they're also not accurate.

Red Light Cam

In New Jersey, 63 out of 85 traffic cameras apparently weren't calibrated correctly and not allowing sufficient time to proceed through yellow caution lights.

Officials are suspending camera use for the time being, presumably to fix the lights. People who have already paid their tickets won't get a refund, however.

Officials are, however, willing to work with motorists on getting the tickets expunged from their record, according to the National Motorists Association.

Cameras at the impacted intersections will continue to run and register violations but those violations will no longer be sent to motorists automatically.

If the yellow light timing is found to be below the requirement on video, motorists won't be mailed a ticket. If the minimum requirement is met, they will.

Since NJDOT gave an August 1 date to get this done, that is within the 90 days allowed for a ticket to be delivered after the violation is determined.


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I don't think this raises civil rights questions regarding people being filmed without permission. Why would they be unaware they are being filmed? The picture you showed was of a sign saying "Red light photo enforced". How do people think it is enforced? Magic? God? Elves? No! Cameras! And it's not like the goal of the camera is to catch people shirtless in their cars to put on the internet or find unattractive/attractive people to advertise on spoof dating sites. They're trying to catch you speeding through lights. The only issue here is that the cameras were incorrectly calibrated and that people were given tickets when they didn't deserve tickets.

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