Kourtney Kardashian on Water Birth: EWWWWW!

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Kourtney Kardashian will welcome a daughter into the world any day now, but this just in: the reality star will NOT be participating in a natural water birth.

TMZ sources that Kardashian was considering this option because it's reportedly a more peaceful process for the child… but Kourtney then witnessed the event in action a couple days ago and reacted to it in disgust.

Kourtney Kardashian Red Carpet Pic

Kourtney allegedly told pals the entire thing was "horrific" and, without drugs administered to mother, "looked brutally painful," although we have to ask: Doesn't that description apply to dating Scott Disick as well?

In the end, Kardashian will simply go the route of Beyonce and Jessica Simpson and rent out a suite at a hospital, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to be exact. No word yet on how much she'll charge for the right to the first photos, but rest assured: it will be a lot.

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As usual, Pally, your clueless & show your diminished mental capacity. Idiot!


w/in 24 hours to subvert infection(s) so the chance of a c-section goes up another 10%. C-sections come with all of the above plus 50% increase of post-partum depression, and too many other things to name! It's amazing how many women are completely uninformed/ignorant to the mass of data,esp. in.re. a c-section. Drs are taught to 'manage' what is a completely naturally occuring condition-birth. It's the only 'consition' they use much of the same protocol for as if one had a disease or life threatening condition or illness. EDUCATE YOURSELVES LADIES b/c the drs aren't going to-they make A LOT more $s this way!


Natural child birth is soooo much safer than the 'norm' of pitocin (inducing), breaking water,lying down while hooked up to monitots &drugs let alone the huge complications w/ c-sections. To start, pitocin is a synthetic drug based what is naurally done in a woman's body when she goes inot labor. By inducing w/ synthetics she is 50% more likely be given an epidural (which in 3-5% leads to permanent paralysis from the waist down), and 10-35% more likely to need a c-section. Breaking water-baby MUST be devlivered