Kim Kardashian and Beyonce: Besties in Birmingham!

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So much for that Kim Kardashian vs. Beyonce feud.

The wife of Jay-Z and the pretend girlfriend of Kanye West sat together Friday night at a Watch the Throne concert in Birmingham, England, smiling, laughing and dancing it up as their men performed on stage.

Kim and Beyonce

"Kim and Beyonce were dancing all night! They even went into the mosh pit!" a witness recounts to Us Weekly. "It was the most hectic thing ever!"

Previous reports stated that Beyonce took issue with Kim dating Kanye, partly due to the difference in upbringings between Knowles and Kardashian and partly, we presume, because Beyonce has actually talent and earned her way to the top, as opposed to videotaping her way there.

But "Kim and Beyonce have always been cool," a source says to the tabloid. "Beyonce and Jay love Kim and think she's a good match for Kanye."

Last night, meanwhile, Beyonce's husband took to the stage in England alongside Rihanna. Watch their rendition of "Run This Town" below.

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce: Besties in Birmingham!
Seems homemade to me


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I love your name bigblackchick. Anyway, everyone has a past. The main thing that bothers me about Kim is how she says "like" every other word. Who doesn't have a mom that pushes you? Now Kris takes that to the extreme. Micro managing her childrens lives. She's your mom and even as an adult, you want to make her happy.


Y'all should stop hatin kim nobody is perfect,nobody without a bad past nt even beyonce for the fact tht she's married nw doesn't mean she's bn fuckin around,grow up folks...


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