Kelsey Grammer, Wife Renew Wedding Vows in Las Vegas

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Kelsey Grammer has gotten married once again. But don't worry. It's to the same woman this time.

The Emmy Award-winning actor and Kayte Walsh renewed their vows in Las Vegas on Saturday, People confirms, 15 months after they officially tied the knot in New York City.

Kayte Walsh and Kelsey Grammer Pic

"Kayte's the most wonderful person in the world," Grammer said of the ceremony and his wife, who is expecting twins next month. "I'm just so happy! We're really excited."

Among other famous couples that also said They Do over the weekend:

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I can't believe I dated him... What was I thinking?


I CAN'T BELIEVE HUNGER GAMES DIDN'T WIN BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR OR BEST KISS!!!!!! Omg but hunger games dominated the night nd beat the DOODOO out of the avengers!! HAHAHA to everyone who said avenegers were better!!!!


Kelsey's current wife is so trashy looking. She should style her hair down over her face because the color change has no effect on changing her uglyness. I'm gald Camille is no longer with him - she is too good for him. Yuk, he's a troll.


Straight douche bag! Absolutely zero respect for how he chose to end a marriage, either wasn't raised right or just a complete disrespectful a$$! Im sure I don't know half the details nor is it any of my business, but what I've read in the media is foul. Kudos for bringing 2 more children into the world after ditching the first twos mother in such a romantic way.

Wv peach

She's looking more like Camille now!!


Does anyone else notice how small her head is relative to her body?


Geesh,some of these couples really need to get a life. So are they trying to prove something that no one else gives a crap about?


I agree. Where I come from, a few couples decide to renew their vows after theyve been married 50 years but I've never heard of all this every year business. It's ridiculous!!! I read his Wikipedia today. He isn't much of a catch. Wow.


I keep forgetting that the first time Hollywood couples say their vows has an expiration date of one year. Good grief, either they meant it the first time or they didn't. How stupid is it to renew vows? !! I guess THIS time they mean it...