Kate Middleton Hair Secrets: How Does She Do It?

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The Duchess of Cambridge's hair is getting all sorts of attention these days ... almost as much as that non-existent Kate Middleton baby bump!

So how does the duchess always look so magnificent?

With a lot of effort, according to a new report. Dating back to her April 2011 wedding, London's Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa has been busy!

  • Kate Middleton Hairstyle Photo
  • Kate Middleton Hair Photo

Even as an official member of the royal family, Kate still heads to that salon, where she's been a client for nearly a decade, multiple times a week.

Her shiny, volume-filled blowouts start at $75.

But there's no royal treatment. Kate "insists on visiting the salon rather than having them come to her" and tipping generously, a source says.

"Kate's a girlie girl," adds another source, noting that Kate prefers organic vegetable-based hair dye and of course, a sleek blowout to top it off.

Which takes awhile, but that's all good. "She loves her time there and has known everyone there for years so it's relaxing for her," an insider says.

To create her curls, her stylist waits until it's "80 percent wet and then uses a good blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and a real-bristle brush."

That way, "the serum memorizes the form and holds the curl in place while you blow dry." Good to know. Follow the link for more Kate Middleton pictures and observe!

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She is not pretty. Princess Diana is more pretty and beautiful than her. Diana is like a fairy, now she is an angel on heaven.

@ electra

What?!? She's stunning! Diana doesn't even begin to compare to her!


I was a hairstylist from the White House in D.C. over 20 years ago. It is not much for the rich. I charged almost that much then. Give her a break. She HAS to look good.


SHE is not pretty.Surely too thin and assless.


So now I understand how busy she is with the royal life as she told to the kids just a day before : my life is busy but great fun. Yah...great fun. And busy to do 3 times blowout her hair during a week. Her royal duty is to wear nice dress, put nice make up, stand there with big smiles and wave her hand.


A $75 blowout? Seriously? I get highlights, a trim AND a blowout for $85! $75 to wash, condition and dry someone's hair with a round brush. I suppose she has the cash, but still, that's a rip off.