Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photo: Allegedly Revealed!

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Forget Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The British royal family has an even bigger reason to start popping the champagne this month ... at least according to the venerable In Touch Weekly.

The celebrity gossip magazine "exclusively" reveals a photo of Kate Middleton in a rare, unguarded moment - with what looks like a cute baby bump!

Is Prince William's beautiful bride pregnant at last?

Kate Middleton Baby Bump?

“We thought at first it might be just the way her dress fell as she walked,” says a witness who saw Kate hurrying into a local jeweler in London May 31.

“But if you looked closely," the Middleton sleuth continues, "it was a definite baby bump. It was prominent enough to cast a shadow below.”

That thing cast a shadow? Really?

Kate’s appearance may hold even more clues, says the witness: “She certainly has a glow in her cheeks ... her face is more rounded - and so is her bottom.”

Like many pregnant women concerned with chemicals in hair dye, Kate Middleton is also letting her gray roots show - a major departure for the style icon.

All of this is true, though it's equally possible that the notoriously thin Kate has merely put on a few pounds and hasn't been to the hair salon in awhile.

The Palace has remained silent on the subject, but Prince William did tell Katie Couric recently that he is “very keen to have a family,” and soon.

Aww. Congratulations, you two ... maybe.

UPDATE, 2/3/13: Now that Kate actually is pregnant, for real, the bump watch is underway in earnest! Check out the first Kate Middleton baby bump pic!


well i think this photo is photoshopped cause it specificaly said in the magazine that she is not prego so everyone can back off and stop trying to ruin her life! even if she was prego still leave her alone thats for her and her husband to deal with not us or paparazzi!


I would always like to help out with your shtoos. Just let me know and maybe I can arrange it. I don't know if I would have the patience you have, though. After watching you in action, I know for sure that it's a whole lot harder than I imagined. I might panic, or start to cry if the baby wouldn't go to sleep and. There's a lot of pressure. On second, though?/


Maybe this photo isn't photoshopped, maybe it's from just before she supposedly had the miscarriage?


Congrats Kate I just gave birth to my little girl


Why does everyone misunderstand Americans? We are such a diverse people. HUMAN nature in general would be all of the comments that I just read on the subject of Kate Middleton...I don't really care what the royal family does..lol....but I don't NOT care, we were sad also when the lovely princess of Wales went home with the Good Lord. I think the papparazzi should bug off though...


This image has been photoshopped!! But the main reason I
wanted to contribute was to reply to Victoria's comment - hilarious!! As an American Citizen myself with a phd in human studies, I can quite safely say that we are in fact the country, of all first world countries across Europe and Asia Pacific with the lowest rate of intellect, beside our education system, which is far more robust than most other countries. I hate to break it to you, but the vast majority of the U.S. are actually incredibly stupid, hense why we are always branded as such across the globe!


That is not our business to interfere into their life's because that is there life and all we could do is support them in their decision and be happy with what they want ..... Bringing a new born baby into the world is a big thing and anew life to the parents .... We should be happy for them in bringing a new life to us..!!!!!!!!!


Some members of the British press is willing to tear apart anything that they cannot control or cannot get entre into. It is jealousy pure and simple. They tore Princess Diana down and stalked her even up until her death and if they do not try to prevent themselves from attempting their knee jerk reactions by attempting to tear Kate down they could be opening Pandora's box yet again. They have not appeared to have learnt anything from their past mistakes. Thank goodness that Kate has married a much stronger man who would go after them with single minded force.


Just leave them alone.its bad enough the bloody press hounding Williams mum to her to her death and now you are going to hound Kate.They are human beings as well.


What ur all for getting she could also be on her monthlys n retaining some water jesus if she is pregnant thats fab but if nor just leave them alone , do for get it was the press that destroyed her mother in law

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