Chuck Norris Accuses Obama of "Pro-Gay Boy Scouts" Policy

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Here's a new Chuck Norris fact for you: the actor is very unhappy with Barack Obama right now.

In light of James Turley - a Boy Scouts of America official and CEO of the accounting firm Ernst & Young - recently stating that he planned on working to change the longtime rule that bans homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders, Norris has penned a column for Ammo Land that places the blame for this maneuver on the President's shoulders.

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Running down the connections between Turley and Obama (e.g. they were just guests at a state dinner and Turley was nominated to President Obama’s Export Council in 2010) and citing the President's support of same-sex marriage, Norris believes Turley is catering to a "pro-gay" Obama agenda.

Writes/asks Norris:

Hasn’t America reached a new low in its history when its president (and the honorary president of the BSA!) distances himself and his administration from the Boy Scouts of America yet invites groups such as the Secular Student Alliance to participate in its faith and college missions?

Adding that he has personally "known a host of Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and BSA leaders," Norris concludes that these individuals epitomize the best of America," which seems to imply gay BSA leaders would epitomize... the worst?

Where do you stand? Should gays be allowed to serve as Boy Scout leaders?

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I agree kids do not need to be expose to sex topics.However,I do feel when of age,talk sex openly,heter&homo.They can google,so talk to kids.


@Tyler: You obviously support gay issues , which is fine and your choice. I am not homophobic, I am a family person. I choose not to expose my children to adult issues until they are an adult. Whether its sex(hetro or homo), violence, language, etc. The American public has forgotten how to raise their children. Tyler do you watch TV? Do you care that sexual issues are easily attainable by children these days? The Boy Scouts is an organization that builds and helps young boys to grow ethically, morally, and to be responsible. Also, the Boy Scouts builds friendships, now if I raise my children as I was raised how do you explain homosexual relationships in an organization they are apart of? Should you have to explain to a 6-7 year old these situations? Would you? Would you care?


You gotta love Chuck Norris...There so few celebs left who are not cashing in on the gay marriage bandwagon. Its coming a future where the Boy Scouts will resemble the Girls Scouts and the Girls Scouts will resemble the Boy Scouts. As a population, we really don't understand what this does to our children. Our society is already filled with enough crap for children to have to deal with or look for. And consistently we have to explain certain issues that children should not be exposed to at that age. In my opinion, no one cares anymore, oh I am sorry they care only about themselves though.


@Sig, actually a typo. A lot of them appear on these sites. If I was gay, I'd be out of the closet, because it is now just considered an alternate life style, and not a perverion. I' m against hate crimes. Live and let live, however, don't let gays be around young boys. Don't let gay couples, adopt a kid, who is the same sex as the gays.


@Coffeyville Cowboy Thanks, for the clarity. Have a good day! :)


I swear like anyone can distinguish whos gay,whos in closet,whos bi.Sure your bros on dl,who fu cares.Its not you.


Dudes steve,sam,saint the three S, you studs need your dick suck,stop player hatin you cracker lookin limp pink fools.


VOTE Obama!!! He is the only president actually care bout real people and not only the wealthy and congress workers.


Wait til you racist sick groupies bore a gay kid you will walk in the fire you created@saints,wyatt,c close. sick


Chuck Norris is my Hero !! It's about time someone stood for what is right and fair. If you are a man and your ideas are twisted enough to have sex with another man you don't belong in the BSA

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