Catalina Clouser, Stoned Teen Mom, Arrested For Driving Off With Baby on Top of Car

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Catalina Clouser, a 19-year-old Phoenix, Ariz., woman, was arrested this weekend for driving away with her baby ... ON TOP OF THE CAR.

Police claim she put her five-week-old baby on top of her car in his car seat and drove off, apparently forgetting he was there, and not even noticing when the seat fell off of the vehicle and landed in an intersection, according to police.

All of a sudden Tanning Mom looks like parent of the year.

Neighbors discovered the baby on the road, still strapped to his safety seat, which was lying on its side. Luckily, the baby was completely unhurt.

Clouser, who allegedly had been smoking marijuana, was arrested and charged with aggravated driving under the influence and child abuse.

"We believe that whatever she was under the influence of was the deciding factor in what did happen to this child and we're extremely happy that for the baby this turned out well and the baby is going to be OK," a police spokesman said.

Clauser, her boyfriend and their friends had been smoking marijuana earlier in the evening at a nearby park, but the boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of aggravated DUI when they went to a store - with the baby in the car - to get beer.

Upset that her BF was arrested, Clauser went to a pal's home to smoke more pot.

Clauser left around midnight and apparently put the sleeping baby on the roof of the car and drove off, forgetting he was there, and continued driving.

Leilani Gerlach, a homeowner who lives across from the intersection, notified police after she saw the baby in the car seat on the street.

"We were both rolling our eyes in astonishment that someone could forget their baby," Gerlach said. "The car seat was turned to the side so anyone passing by wouldn't be able to tell there was an actual baby inside. Thank god they stopped."

After police arrived, two people walked up and told them the baby was Clausen's. As the officers talked to the two, who identified themselves as friends of Clausen and her boyfriend, the young mother drove up, police said.

"[She] had gotten into her car, set the baby seat on top of the car and forgot that the child was up there. It does not appear that immediately she realized what happened," the police source said.

"I think that perhaps she got where she was going and realized that she did not have the baby in the car."

"There was damage to the car seat, it was scraped but there was no damage to the child."

The baby is now in custody of Child Protective Services.


So they arrested her boyfriend for DUI then handed the keys over to her? Who was impaired herself?


@ Dan Speaking of grammar..... "you would better have been able to communicate your" should be phrased as "you would have been able to better communicate your" Not to mention the lovely run on sentence you have going on there. Before you go tossing yourself around as a grammar aficionado you may wish to check your own first.


Dan..out of the comments posted towards you and all you got out of it was the way she spoke? When her comment wasn't even that bad grammer wise. Somethings really wrong with you if you think 30 is when you should start having kids. My mother had all but two kids before she was 30 and because she got pregnant after age 30 she was more likely to have twins..and she did. I can't understand why you think that. Do you have kids? You'll probably lie about it anyways to help "prove your point."


Take the baby away, and don't give it back until this loser passes a drug free test, every month, for 3 months. Who says, pot makes you stupid?


If your grammar is any indication of your parenting skills, your children are doomed. Perhaps if you had dedicated a little more time to mastering the English language instead of getting knocked up as a kid, you would better have been able to communicate your obvious emptiness inside rather than search for approval and attention by becoming the high school tramp.


@ Dan
Wow are you mentally retarded or just from the north just curious. I live in the south and the norm age for having kids is the twenties. Most of us are damn responsible about it. We work, we care for our kids and raise them not to be over privileged brats. Maybe if someone would have knocked some since into this nineteen year-old she wouldn't be acting like a goddamn fool. And to your argument for having kids when your over thirty by that time you have already wasted most of your prime eggs, you are seriously set in you habits, You generally have greater responsibility at work and have no time for the child, and to top it off by the time a women is in the typical age were she may be developing major health problems (breast cancer) her kids are only in their early teens and that is not the best time to have to deal with such adult issues.


Dan-As firebug said, you really shouldn't stereotype anyone into one category. By the time I was 22, I owned my house (paying a mortgage, but never-the-less not renting), had my car paid off, and was serving in the military. I had my daughter 6 months ago at the age of 26. I work full-time for the federal government (as a civilian) and have a master's degree. I, like the others, do not fit into your "under the age of 30" stereotype either.


@Dan I had my daughter when I was 17 and my son just before i turned 23, I raise both of my children and have graduated from high school and college. Not to mention am married, own a house, and hold a full time career. How about you don't stereotype everybody into one category please and thank you.....


Hi Dan. I'm 39 and had my son at 18 and he's done so well he just graduated from college this month. Regardless of my age, my son is priority #1 then and now. I dont think being under 30 and being a mother is playing to be "baby momma". A mother who is responsible will be responsible at 19, at 30, at 40 or whatever age. Most moms become mothers way before 30. Is a matter of realizing that our children come first. But the father was also involved, why isnt anybody bothered by his actions? He is also responsible for the well being of their child. Is not just her child!!!!


Dan - I have to say... I had my son @25 and it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. I am a great mother and I doubt that would have changed had I become a mother when I was younger... you either want to be a parent or you don't (that has nothing to do with age). I have read about alot of awful parents in there 30/40/50's to the point where I wish ppl were required to pass a test and take a course in order to parent - Unfortunately, there are many ppl that take this amazing blessing for granted!